Section 7

Banshee cry's Fostern Challenge
Side scene

Meave “Banshee Cry” goes to an Umbral Realm where she meets Stag. She offers to do whatever he wants in order to get an object to return back to S.O.S. an object from the Umbra. Stag gives Banshee cry a sun whip but asks Meave to find a hidden story of the tribe.

Figured you out
Torture and Vancouver

Silent Strike and Oni Marked leave the group in the woods explaining they are going to do Silent’s Adren challenge.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Jafari “Pale-Horse”, and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” spend the night camping in the woods.

Wyld’s Grace reveals to the group her findings about the findings of the journal to the rest of the group.

[Meanwhile Mel “Brews the Spirits”, Meave “Banshee Cry”, Silent Strike, and Oni Marked get tortured.]

In the morning Mel is cut out of pack-link for an hour, then Meave and so on. Mel then asks for location. Suddenly a moon bridge will walk out Mel, Meave, April and Frost of Falcon’s pack. His pack has 5 memebers [Get Philidox, Black Fury Ahroun, Silent Strider Theurge, Shadow Lord Ragabash]. Mel looks straight faced near Frost.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” hides in Blur.

Frost steps forward and announces himself and his pack. He announces he is investigating the Minnesota office for being corrupt and Mouse Pad is reassigned. He says he needs to speak with all of them individually.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace volunteers to go firsts and is lead through a door way that had just appeared. Deanna is tortured by the pack and April.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” tells the group that she had gone to Mouse Pad that Fostern challenge. That the group thinks that A Team has destroyed all of the Section 7 offices.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” is taken next to be tortured through the spirit door. Mel and Deanna have an argument about if the group had fracked up over the destruction of the Vancouver office.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” is taken last though the spirit door to be tortured.

Frost of Falcon walks through first then Rita is walked through. Falcon thanks the team for their cooperation and leaves.

Rita reveals that Hel’s Message [The Get Philidox] apologizes for the torment they had to go through. Rita says she thinks that April is controlling Frost of Falcon.

Meave “Banshee Cry” worries about Thomas Smith’s safety. Deanna Wyld’s Grace worries about her husband and child, She calls her Husband to ask him to go to safety. Peter reveals he’s been moved to a safe house by a Silent Strider. When Rita calls Walter he reveals the same information.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” is still pissed about the torture. Jafari “Pale-Horse” decides to run back to the Minnesota office to check on the cubs he brought back to the office earlier.

S.O.S. arrives at the camp telling the group she’s moved everyone she could to a safe house. S.O.S. tells the group she’s in charge of the Minnesota office. S.O.S. tosses the group each a fetish that will hide them from being seen [Blur but is hot!].

Rita glomps S.O.S. over the fetish. S.O.S. explains that M.P. took most of the blame for what happened and that S.O.S. will try to figure out where M.P. went. Rita is handed a note from Mouse Pad that asks Rita to go and collect her son from a sept in Canada. Also Gives Rita a fetish gun from Mouse Pad.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” arrives at the office and finds that all the cubs are still alive and were not found. “Micky” hide the cubs himself. They are also planning on giving the cub a Monkey Puzzle.

S.O.S. gives Rita “the rite of the questing stone”. Rita tries to do rite of the question stone on Mouse Pad but it doesn’t work. S.O.S. Offers to give the team any thing that they need to finish their mission.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” decides not to go along with the mission into Vancouver.

When Jafari returns and S.O.S. leaves. The team goes to where the first “trail marker” which is behind a Head shop called “Redrum”. Jafari goes inside to buy some weed and a new bowl. The rest of the pack waits outside muttering about whether or not it was wyrm-y. Larry, the dealer, sells Jafari some weed.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, and Meave “Banshee Cry” go to the back of the shop to see the Tag of an Owl glyph going through the looking glass. They all side step into the umbra to look for the next step.

Jafari and Fox smoke a little weed. On the other side where they see a web of direction leading them to the next clue. The next clue is in the middle of downtown. As they head across town they see the Vancouver office as it is now destroyed beyond recognition even in the umbra. Rita peaks and there is another message in the remains “YOU TOOK ME PIECE BY PIECE, NOW I’LL TAKE YOU A PIECE AT A TIME.”

The group continues on. They notice as they get closer to the middle of the city there isn’t as many spirits as before.

That I would be Good
Dealing with "Children of hercules"

Bane to darkness, Cedric “Thunder clap”, Shadow Stalker, Studies the Dead, Tenoh, Aiko, and Travels the Desert meet up at the Coffee shop.

Cedric “Thunder clap” reveals that he hooked Daphne Rogers, one of the people they think might be behind the murders of Section 7 Iowa employees. He tells the team she is pre-med and also a DJ under the name of Azkaban Prisoner. He is going under a romantic connection website and that he is “planning to transfer” to her school.

At the coffee house Travels the Desert hides in the shadows to watch in case of back up. Studies the Dead gives Cedric some contacts that allow her to type messages to him as she eavesdrops on the conversation. Shadow Stalker and Tenoh, Aiko watch from above while Bane to darkness hides in the air vents in his lizard form.

Cedric “Thunder clap” talks to Daphne for sometime convincing her to tell him about her “volunteer” work. She describes the events of Eternal Melody at the concert. Cedric then realizes that she is the girl who was protecting the kids. He convinces her that he is a “child of Hercules” as well. Daphne is excited and offers for him to meet some of her friends.

As Daphne goes out to make a call Bane to darkness goes out to listen. He finds that the others have killed another Section 7 member and are going to dump it in the trash yard. Daphne starts crying showing she hates what they do. Bane lets the rest of the team know what’s going on. Studies the Dead and Travels the Desert head out to go to the trash yard first.

Cedric “Thunder clap” delays Daphne from heading out. Shadow Stalker and Tenoh, Aiko decide to fallow Cedric and Daphne in the Umbra. Shadow figures out that some sort of romantic thing is happening between Aiko and Cedric.

Studies the Dead takes out the cameras at the junk yard and Travels the Desert takes out the guard as the two pose as the guards. Bane to darkness hides in the shadows.

A van pulls up with the owner of the junk yard claiming he needs to get in. Travels and Studies let him through while Bane runs along underneath the car. The van gets to the other side of the junk yard and three people get out. A man in his 30s, a old women in her 60s and a child. Bane notices they have something in the back of the van.

When Daphne pulls up pretending to be the man’s assistant they also let her through. Shadow Stalker jumps to the real side as she and Studies the Dead fallow behind in the darkness. Travels the Desert closes the gates and goes looking for a bulldozer.

When Daphne pulls up to the scene Cedric “Thunder clap” notices that what they are unloading is the lupus body of “Throwback” who had been the acting leader of the Iowa office. Cedric and Daphne start to freak out. The little girl looks at Cedric an announces to the rest that he and Shadows and Studies are there. She announces that they are enemies.

Daphne flees and Cedric fallows after being hit by the old women. Studies, Bane and Stalks attack the group that stayed with Aiko’s help. They find The little girl to be the hardest to kill but Travels the Desert helps by running over some of the members.

Mel's Fostern Challenge
Side scene

Mel “Brews the Spirits” decides to Head back to the Minnesota office to do her Fostern challenge which was to mediate a dispute between a spirit and a Garou. She looked around the Umbra and found a Rabbit spirit that was upset because it did not receive the ‘payment’ it was promised for helping a Ragabash. Mel choice to give the Rabbit Spirit clover and carrots. The Rabbit accepted this and asked the Mel and her pack no longer give any of Rabbits children to their totem. Mel accepted the terms.

When she went back to “Falls on enemies” and explained what she had done, he announced her as a Fostern of the Nation.

Not what it seems

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” joins the group in L.A. Meave “Banshee Cry” and Mel “Brews the Spirits” decide to stay in L.A. to try and complete their Fostern Challenges.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Jafari “Pale-Horse”, Silent Strike, and Oni Marked head to Vancouver. As they go over the Moon Bridge they notice Weaver, Wyrm and Wyld spirits all in the city limits all seeming to co-exist. As they land in The Vancouver office they all feel all resentment towards each other and anyone else seemingly to melt away. The team is reminded that Vancouver is the only city in the world where all creatures get along and don’t fight. There is also no crime rate.

They are Greeted after ten minuets by “Stands-There-Watching” the 2nd in command. He gives them a tour of the building. He explains that they recruit cubs to help build their numbers. The Team seems nervous about this and decide to try and recruit the cubs themselves. He offers if they need any help please contact him as he leaves.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” go to recruit the cubs, using mostly scare tactics. When they go to try and recruit anyone else they all claim to be perfectly happy where they are.

Silent Strike and Oni Marked look through their library to find any information on Vancouver. They find that everyone blames someone else for it being the reason for the city being a ‘Free-hold’.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace goes serching through the library shortly being joined by Rita and Jafari. They find a journal hidden behind some of the books. It looks to belong to a Silent Strider Galliard “Owl’s Song”. In the book she has documents her search to figure out the reason for the city being the way it is. She traveled in the umbra past many spirits to an area where no spirits are gathered to what looks like a ritual with men, women, crinos and lupus all calcified.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” suggests that it might be the work of Medusa. Deanna is unsure. Jafari “Pale-Horse” has an idea and takes Deanna with him as he goes out to summon Ibis [Or Seshat-I don’t have a perfect memory]. Once she appears Jafari hands her the journal and asks for any additional information she may know. The spirit tells them that totem spirits have a hard time getting into the city and sometimes mimicking spirits show up instead. She also reveals the Owl’s Song became a Ronin because Owl left her. Jafari asks where the missing pages are and she tells him on the top floor of the Section 7 office building.

Jafari goes to the top floor of the Section Seven building finding nothing and no way up to the next floor.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” gets an awakened Zip-line and climbs to the top of the tower next door noticing no windows on the top floor of Section 7. She goes into the Umbra to see a giant Pattern Spider sitting on the top of the building. After crossing back she stands on the top of the building looking around for anything to slip into the top floor finding nothing.

Soon the rest of the team joins her on the roof. Rita calls Mouse Pad and asks for some Thermite. Mouse Pad says she doesn’t want to know and has S.O.S. drop it off for the Team.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” goes looking for the last 2 cubs they missed. He finds them both hiding in a bathroom stall. One is a metis with a unicorn horn and the other is a metis with Black Spiral Pure-breed (also bat wings). Jafari sends both over the moon bridge to Section 7 Minnesota.

Rita lights the Thermite and after it burns through the floor they all jump through. They find it to look like a mix between someone’s bedroom and an office. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” start looking for the missing pages. They find that they are in a Vault.

Silent Strike starts looking for information on April the leader of the office. She finds no real information on her.

Oni Marked sees a bookshelf and tries to take a book off the shelf but everyt ime he tries his hand gets burned. Finally his rage over takes him as he picks up the book shelf and breaks it apart.

As soon as the bookshelf is ruined a small glass figure starts to go off like an alarm. Oni Mark throws it but it does not break. A door that was not there before suddenly starts to form on the wall. Rita throws a smoke bomb jumping down the hole the Thermite made-Fallowed by Deanna and Silent Strike. Oni Marked distracts April as she walks through the door by attacking her then fleeing himself.

As the land they relies that the Thermite has burned all the way to the tenth floor [from the 28th]. They all run from the building meeting up in the woods outside of the city.

Looking Through Owl Song's Journal
Side scene

Deanna Wyld’s Grace contacts Erinyes “Athena’s Grace” – Black Fury Philodox Athro [Her Mother]. To try and figure out if what Owl’s Song wrote in her Journal was Medusa. Her mother advises that she doubts it was Medusa since there is gossip with-in the tribe about her being in the Amazon.

Erinyes advised that she doesn’t want Deanna to be in Vancouver since she ran into a Ronin that told her tales of the city. Deana relies that it was Owl’s Song. Her mother advises that the Ronin left markers to show the easiest way to get to the ritual site but to find the markers “You’d have to look between the pages”. Deana found that there was an outline of an owl in every page.

Deana also received a text message from S.O.S.

S.O.S: “FUBAR” “Crap. Details?” S.O.S: “Vancouver. April called Frost. Shit = fan.” “Er… Sorry?” S.O.S: “Will talk later. We’re under inspection for being ‘corrupt’.” “They’re the ones with a will-worker in charge…Just sayin… If it improves moods any, we should be able to deal with this stupid peace pact soon…”

Unspoken Troubles
First days...

Studies the Dead, Travels the Desert, Shadow Stalker, and Bane to darkness are called into Mouse Pad’s office. She debriefs them that the things in Iowa are getting worse and she is sending a them as a team to investigate and handle the fallout.

Travels the Desert asks who wants to be the Leader of the group-which all the others decline. So she elects herself leader and they go into the Umbra. As soon as they cross some odd looking spirits start attacking Bane to darkness. The rest of the team starts to help defend him against the spirits.

Bane explains that sometimes “Innocents” attack him. The team accepts him in the team none the less. They arrive at the left over Iowa office finding them held up in an old school building. They are told that they are not very found of people from the Minnesota Office as they’ve abandoned them, twice. ( see Misadventures in Iowa and Got to be somebody)

Travels the Desert goes inside to try and offer what help they can in investigating what’s happened thus far. Shadow Stalker stays outside to watch the outside in case of attack. While inside they notice a total of 13 people milling about but over 140 empty beds. They also notice the school looks to be fortified to keep out anything. “Throwback” the new leader of the Iowa refugees tell the team they haven’t been reassigned. *Throwback sends them to talk to the team working on the investigation.

Bane to darkness, Studies the Dead, and Travels the Desert walk to what might have been a computer lab and see two people working on a blue prints. Cedric “Thunder clap” introduces himself and Tenoh, Aiko.

Cedric reveals that they have been fallowing the murders of the Iowa refugees. They advise that 5 people have been killing the members one by one and that they might have something to do with the Section 7 offices exploding. Shadow Stalker advises over pack-link to ask about the explosion.

It is revealed that to full explain what is happening they need to go to the morgue. Studies the Dead goes forward to look over the bodies and talk to the Medical Examiner. Travels the Desert goes to watch with Shadow Stalker. Cedric “Thunder clap” explains what he can about what’s happened.

It is found out from the bodies that their where bombs filled with Silver and Gold shards that seems to have been thrown to kill everyone before they blow up the building. It looks like the first to die was the person guarding the moon bridge. Studies the Dead reasons that they tried to cover up how they got access to the building.

Cedric “Thunder clap” tells the group that all the files and records were destroyed with the building so they don’t have any intel on who was an enemies of the office. He also shows them the bodies of the murdered after the building falling.

Studies the Dead finda that all the injuries look to have been done by a human fist but finds this doesn’t make sense with the extreme amount of force put into the impact of the wounds.

Bane to darkness goes into his memories and finds that the Mortal that was based on the Hercules myth from Greek mythology could do similar fetes of strengths and shares it with the group.

A call is made to Mouse Pad asking that any intel gathered from the previous destroyed offices be forwarded to the group. The group then makes a battle plan.

Uktena sept adventure
While the cat's away...

Silent Strike and Oni Marked set out for the Uktena sept having a very hard time finding it’s location. When they finally reach it they do their howl of greeting. They learn that the sept is one of the oldest in The Purelands and that Uktena himself/herself is the Caern totem.

The Alpha of the sept asks that they go to the Uktena shrine and give to Uktena what secrets they know.

Silent Strike gives what secrets she’s learned about her packmates and about the bane that was killing kinfolk.

Oni Marked tries to think of what he can share. He decides to share some of his uncommon lore and offers Uktena the book he received before leaving Japan. Uktena appears before them for the book contained a great deal of secrets.

Uktena gives them a small knowledge of the secrets from the book. Uktena also switches Silent Strike’s purebreed to Uktena instead of Shadow Lord.

They then head back to regroup with the rest of the team.

Misadventures in Iowa
Well the cat's away...

Meave “Banshee Cry” and Silent Strike decide while the rest of the team is filing paperwork to go try to recruit some people from Iowa. They take one of the nondescript black vans down to where the Iowa’s members are being held in an old High School building.

Silent Strike and Meave learn most of the Iowa members have some hatred for their team for “running with their tails between their legs” when the office exploded. Silent tries to talk to the women whose acting ‘Boss’ who tells her that none of the members of the Iowa office have been reassigned and half of them have gone missing since the explosion.

Meave “Banshee Cry” while looking for people to recruit she runs into Oni Marked who had just been assigned to the office before it blew up. She offers him a chance to join them which he agrees to.

Silent Strike find a list of the members that have gone missing noticing Cedric “Thunder clap”’s name is on the list. Silent decides to break out her Fetish laptop to try and see if she could find any of the cars of the missing members, she finds all but five in the impound lot.

Oni Marked, Silent Strike and Meave “Banshee Cry” go track down the cars that are not impounded. They notice from all the members were kidnapped from their cars. Even looking at video tapes and talking with spirits doesn’t get them much information.

They finally find the bodies of the missing members in a junk yard. They cross to the umbra to try and get more information. Trash Heap says he’ll give them what information he can if they help him get rid of the Toxin banes that are floating about. The three dispatch the banes with some effort. Trash heap tells them that even though there wasn’t much of a shadow on the umbra side there was something that “Shined”.

The team finds the locations for each body except Cedric “Thunder clap”. They decide to call the women in charge of the Iowa office and tell her where the bodies are and leave.

Silent Strike suggests that they stop by the bar she’s heard about that locks its doors during “Happy Hour”. Oni and Meave agree to check it out. Meave and Silent have a little bit to drink while Oni refuses. When happy hour strikes the team notices that everyone in the bar starts to get really touchy-feely.

Oni Marked, thinking quickly, drops Shroud in a way so that it looks like the power went out as the team crosses to the other side. The umbral side is filled with Lust Banes. The team has slaughters the banes before returning to the real and taking off shroud.

They notice everyone else in the bar looks confused and ashamed except the Bar tender who looks nervous. The team waits until everyone files out of the bar before grabbing the bar tender and interrogating him by breaking his thumbs. He admits that “Bob” hooked him up with some weird shit that made people get all groin-y and he’d black mail them to get some extra cash.

The team ambushes “Bob” and find him to be extremely wyrm tainted. Oni Marked reveals himself with the horns causing Bob to freak out screaming and panicing promising never to do anything evil again. The group toss him out of the moving car on their way back to the Minnesota office.

Rita's Fostern challenge
Side scene

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” challenges Mouse Pad for Fostern. Mouse Pad says Rita has to find 3 violations of the litany that no one had caught yet.

First and the second are not respecting those beneath you

The third is Garou shall not mate with Garou

The fourth is not respecting those of higher station.

Rita gets to L.A. early the next morning.


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