Section 7

Eternal Melody

My Fallout Cab @ the Disco concerts always end in death...

It’s been a month since the last mission the team was on. They get a phone call at 9pm telling them to meet in the main office building.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace says goodnight to her daughter and kisses her husband good bye as she heads to the office. Silent Strike goes up to the meeting room the the shooting range in the basement. Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” hires a sitter to watch his young metis daughter. Cedric “Thunder clap” leaves his room and head up quickly. Meave “Banshee Cry” kisses Tommy goodbye running off to the meeting. And shepards the wicked a Silver Fang lupus is waiting in the meeting room.

Mouse Pad makes the announcement that the Section 7 office that is still pretty new has run into some trouble with a * My Fallout cab @ the disco* concert ( Cedric “Thunder clap” & Silent Strike give each other a worried look). Apparently a bunch of Garou frenzyed at the concert and there are a lot of humans trapped inside. there are unconfirmed reports that all of the band is dead except one Aiko Tenoh (or Tenoh, Aiko). Mouse Pad asks them to go and help them out. She says she wants them to get going soon but they have a couple of minuets to get supplies.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” and Silent Strike both go to the forge in the basement where “Micky” gives them some silver bullets and arrows. Rittimer also checks the Section 7 files on My fallout cab @ the disco finding out its a very popular indie/emo band and that Tenoh, Aiko is the drummer and the only girl. He also finds from google that Aiko is the most popular member of the band and she came over from Japan shortly before the band started [2008]. Rittimer then goes to Glasswalker-net to see if there is any further information there.

He runs into a couple posts about how a lot of strange things seem to happen around concerts. He looks to see if any of his fellow tribe members who filed a report are online only finding one, “bad for business” a ragabash cliath from Texas. He reports that they have seen a large number of leeches seem to show an interest in the band. B.F.B. also reports that none of the bad seemed wyrm tainted but there was something ‘strange’ about Aiko. Rittimer also finds that the band that opened for them that night is called “Within Nightfall” which is a very low key rock band that’s only played a couple of concerts.

The group takes a Moon Bridge to the Iowa office where they are greeted warmly by “Starbucks” who takes them to the helicopter waiting for them. shepards the wicked being a lupus tries to convince the rest of the group not to go by the fearful Weaver-bird but is tricked onto it.

After arriving at an outdoor theater that was made in a ditch. They find that Zell the leader of the Iowa office was the first on the scene. He admits he doesn’t know what happened but his daughter was at the concert and he wants her extracted but has had his beta use a Black Fury gift to keep everyone inside so not to rend the veil.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” uses a gift to look inside the closed off area seeing that the daughter is inside being protected by a young Africa American women in her 20s who is also protecting some others. He also sees a lot of crinos formed Garou continued in frenzy and lots of humans trapped running around.

Zell drops the ward as the team heads in. Silent Strike decides to use blur and fly over the crowd to get a better look. Meave “Banshee Cry” decides to stay outside and heal anyone who comes out. Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” finds a good snipping point and sets up.

Cedric “Thunder clap” & shepards the wicked decide to head into the fray to see if they can find the cause of the trouble. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Mel “Brews the Spirits” make a point to get humans out the exits.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace saves a young girl who seemed to be looking around lost and a couple of panicking humans. Mel “Brews the Spirits” guides out a man in his early thirties out who seemed to be trying to knock out a crinos along with somemore panicked humans.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” snipes a couple Garou who were all going after a 60 year old women who had in toe a bunch of girl-scouts.

shepards the wicked draws some of the attention of some Garou away from some of the Garou who were chasing some fleeing humans knocking the Garou out.

Cedric “Thunder clap” notices that none of the Garou are within 20 feet of the 20 year old women who is protecting the children and decides to direct others out.

Silent Strike gets insight of the stage and notices all the band members are dead except Aiko who is being held by four women while a fifth women stands singing on stage. Silent Strike senses the women [Members of Within Nightfall] are extremely tainted and instructs the rest of the group to go after them.

Silent Strike, Cedric “Thunder clap” and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” focus all their attention on killing the women singing seems to have some control over the crowd.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Mel “Brews the Spirits” finally get to 20 feet of the women protecting a group when shepards the wicked draws the frenzying Garou’s attention again. The women pleads, “Leave us alone, please!” Deanna response, “We’re here to help. Don’t be afraid.” The women seems to relax as Mel and Deanna help her get out of the hall.

After Rittimer kills the women singing (who dusts) another gets off of Aiko to start singing but is killed by Cedric. Aiko suddenly changes shape turning into a Kitsune going into a type of frenzy as she rips apart another women. Silent Strike kills the other two as Cedric picks up the past out Aiko.

After all the Garou who where frenzying pass out the group leaves the theater glad to be done with this mission. There is a short discussion of the team trying to convince shepards the wicked back onto the helicopter before he relents.

As the group flies closer to where the Iowa office should be they notice what looks like a lot of smoke and fire. As they get closer they see the office has explodes leaving bodies scattered and debris all over but what was the center of the building. As the helicopter flies closer they notice that seemingly written in flames it the message: YOU’VE TAKEN FROM ME NOW I’LL TAKE FROM YOU.



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