Section 7

Got to be somebody

The aftermath

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” upon seeing the message in the rubble panics and tries to get the polite to turn the helicopter back to Minnesota thinking it might be a message from someone in his past. shepards the wicked makes a comment about how running in fear and abandaning their allies in a time of need seems foolish which is met by most of the party telling him he doesn’t know anything since he’s just a lupus. Silent Strike suggests that they see if there is anyone still alive before they flee.

From the helicopter they notice at least one person might still be alive. They decide to land close by. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and shepards the wicked decide to stay in the helicopter to make sure it doesn’t take off. Cedric “Thunder clap” leaves them as he walks off to make a phone call.

Silent Strike looks around to see if she can find anything useful in the mess. She finds a golden watch, a locked brief case, a shoe, a brick with M.M. signed on it, and a fetish laptop.

Meave “Banshee Cry”, Mel “Brews the Spirits”, and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” go to the one person whose still alive. He’s badly injured but the manage to heal him enough to get him up to talking. He claims that they were ambushed and then he dies. Upon looking over his body they find shards of Silver and Gold in his skin.

Everyone except Cedric “Thunder clap” get back on the helicopter. They get a message from Mouse Pad to go to a secondary landing point as not to lead who ever blew up the Iowa office from fallowing them back. The team lands at a small air strip in Aitkin, Minnesota. Upon arriving they are met by Beats Back Death who says she will lead them through the secret passage back to the office.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” senses no wyrm in the area and goes down the hole to find a bunch of tunnels. Meave “Banshee Cry”, Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, and Deanna Wyld’s Grace fallow after her. shepards the wicked resists going into the tunnel as it is a mode of travel the Black Spiral Dancers use. He is once again told to be quiet by the group because he’s a lupus. Shepard goes into the hole after Beats Back Death and Silent Strike.

After getting to the office they are called up top a meeting room. Mouse Pad takes the brief case from Silent Strike and revels to the group that a lot of the newer Section 7 offices have been destroyed recently. She claims that Frost of Falcon wants to keep it under their hats but Mouse Pad thinks it’s stupid. She suggests that maybe gathering some of the people from other offices might keep them safer. She tells them they have free choice on missions.

shepards the wicked leaves the group tired of being treated like an Omega for no reason.



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