Section 7

Looking Through Owl Song's Journal

Side scene

Deanna Wyld’s Grace contacts Erinyes “Athena’s Grace” – Black Fury Philodox Athro [Her Mother]. To try and figure out if what Owl’s Song wrote in her Journal was Medusa. Her mother advises that she doubts it was Medusa since there is gossip with-in the tribe about her being in the Amazon.

Erinyes advised that she doesn’t want Deanna to be in Vancouver since she ran into a Ronin that told her tales of the city. Deana relies that it was Owl’s Song. Her mother advises that the Ronin left markers to show the easiest way to get to the ritual site but to find the markers “You’d have to look between the pages”. Deana found that there was an outline of an owl in every page.

Deana also received a text message from S.O.S.

S.O.S: “FUBAR” “Crap. Details?” S.O.S: “Vancouver. April called Frost. Shit = fan.” “Er… Sorry?” S.O.S: “Will talk later. We’re under inspection for being ‘corrupt’.” “They’re the ones with a will-worker in charge…Just sayin… If it improves moods any, we should be able to deal with this stupid peace pact soon…”



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