Section 7

Misadventures in Iowa

Well the cat's away...

Meave “Banshee Cry” and Silent Strike decide while the rest of the team is filing paperwork to go try to recruit some people from Iowa. They take one of the nondescript black vans down to where the Iowa’s members are being held in an old High School building.

Silent Strike and Meave learn most of the Iowa members have some hatred for their team for “running with their tails between their legs” when the office exploded. Silent tries to talk to the women whose acting ‘Boss’ who tells her that none of the members of the Iowa office have been reassigned and half of them have gone missing since the explosion.

Meave “Banshee Cry” while looking for people to recruit she runs into Oni Marked who had just been assigned to the office before it blew up. She offers him a chance to join them which he agrees to.

Silent Strike find a list of the members that have gone missing noticing Cedric “Thunder clap”’s name is on the list. Silent decides to break out her Fetish laptop to try and see if she could find any of the cars of the missing members, she finds all but five in the impound lot.

Oni Marked, Silent Strike and Meave “Banshee Cry” go track down the cars that are not impounded. They notice from all the members were kidnapped from their cars. Even looking at video tapes and talking with spirits doesn’t get them much information.

They finally find the bodies of the missing members in a junk yard. They cross to the umbra to try and get more information. Trash Heap says he’ll give them what information he can if they help him get rid of the Toxin banes that are floating about. The three dispatch the banes with some effort. Trash heap tells them that even though there wasn’t much of a shadow on the umbra side there was something that “Shined”.

The team finds the locations for each body except Cedric “Thunder clap”. They decide to call the women in charge of the Iowa office and tell her where the bodies are and leave.

Silent Strike suggests that they stop by the bar she’s heard about that locks its doors during “Happy Hour”. Oni and Meave agree to check it out. Meave and Silent have a little bit to drink while Oni refuses. When happy hour strikes the team notices that everyone in the bar starts to get really touchy-feely.

Oni Marked, thinking quickly, drops Shroud in a way so that it looks like the power went out as the team crosses to the other side. The umbral side is filled with Lust Banes. The team has slaughters the banes before returning to the real and taking off shroud.

They notice everyone else in the bar looks confused and ashamed except the Bar tender who looks nervous. The team waits until everyone files out of the bar before grabbing the bar tender and interrogating him by breaking his thumbs. He admits that “Bob” hooked him up with some weird shit that made people get all groin-y and he’d black mail them to get some extra cash.

The team ambushes “Bob” and find him to be extremely wyrm tainted. Oni Marked reveals himself with the horns causing Bob to freak out screaming and panicing promising never to do anything evil again. The group toss him out of the moving car on their way back to the Minnesota office.



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