Section 7

That I would be Good

Dealing with "Children of hercules"

Bane to darkness, Cedric “Thunder clap”, Shadow Stalker, Studies the Dead, Tenoh, Aiko, and Travels the Desert meet up at the Coffee shop.

Cedric “Thunder clap” reveals that he hooked Daphne Rogers, one of the people they think might be behind the murders of Section 7 Iowa employees. He tells the team she is pre-med and also a DJ under the name of Azkaban Prisoner. He is going under a romantic connection website and that he is “planning to transfer” to her school.

At the coffee house Travels the Desert hides in the shadows to watch in case of back up. Studies the Dead gives Cedric some contacts that allow her to type messages to him as she eavesdrops on the conversation. Shadow Stalker and Tenoh, Aiko watch from above while Bane to darkness hides in the air vents in his lizard form.

Cedric “Thunder clap” talks to Daphne for sometime convincing her to tell him about her “volunteer” work. She describes the events of Eternal Melody at the concert. Cedric then realizes that she is the girl who was protecting the kids. He convinces her that he is a “child of Hercules” as well. Daphne is excited and offers for him to meet some of her friends.

As Daphne goes out to make a call Bane to darkness goes out to listen. He finds that the others have killed another Section 7 member and are going to dump it in the trash yard. Daphne starts crying showing she hates what they do. Bane lets the rest of the team know what’s going on. Studies the Dead and Travels the Desert head out to go to the trash yard first.

Cedric “Thunder clap” delays Daphne from heading out. Shadow Stalker and Tenoh, Aiko decide to fallow Cedric and Daphne in the Umbra. Shadow figures out that some sort of romantic thing is happening between Aiko and Cedric.

Studies the Dead takes out the cameras at the junk yard and Travels the Desert takes out the guard as the two pose as the guards. Bane to darkness hides in the shadows.

A van pulls up with the owner of the junk yard claiming he needs to get in. Travels and Studies let him through while Bane runs along underneath the car. The van gets to the other side of the junk yard and three people get out. A man in his 30s, a old women in her 60s and a child. Bane notices they have something in the back of the van.

When Daphne pulls up pretending to be the man’s assistant they also let her through. Shadow Stalker jumps to the real side as she and Studies the Dead fallow behind in the darkness. Travels the Desert closes the gates and goes looking for a bulldozer.

When Daphne pulls up to the scene Cedric “Thunder clap” notices that what they are unloading is the lupus body of “Throwback” who had been the acting leader of the Iowa office. Cedric and Daphne start to freak out. The little girl looks at Cedric an announces to the rest that he and Shadows and Studies are there. She announces that they are enemies.

Daphne flees and Cedric fallows after being hit by the old women. Studies, Bane and Stalks attack the group that stayed with Aiko’s help. They find The little girl to be the hardest to kill but Travels the Desert helps by running over some of the members.



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