Section 7

Uktena sept adventure

While the cat's away...

Silent Strike and Oni Marked set out for the Uktena sept having a very hard time finding it’s location. When they finally reach it they do their howl of greeting. They learn that the sept is one of the oldest in The Purelands and that Uktena himself/herself is the Caern totem.

The Alpha of the sept asks that they go to the Uktena shrine and give to Uktena what secrets they know.

Silent Strike gives what secrets she’s learned about her packmates and about the bane that was killing kinfolk.

Oni Marked tries to think of what he can share. He decides to share some of his uncommon lore and offers Uktena the book he received before leaving Japan. Uktena appears before them for the book contained a great deal of secrets.

Uktena gives them a small knowledge of the secrets from the book. Uktena also switches Silent Strike’s purebreed to Uktena instead of Shadow Lord.

They then head back to regroup with the rest of the team.



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