Section 7

Unspoken Troubles

First days...

Studies the Dead, Travels the Desert, Shadow Stalker, and Bane to darkness are called into Mouse Pad’s office. She debriefs them that the things in Iowa are getting worse and she is sending a them as a team to investigate and handle the fallout.

Travels the Desert asks who wants to be the Leader of the group-which all the others decline. So she elects herself leader and they go into the Umbra. As soon as they cross some odd looking spirits start attacking Bane to darkness. The rest of the team starts to help defend him against the spirits.

Bane explains that sometimes “Innocents” attack him. The team accepts him in the team none the less. They arrive at the left over Iowa office finding them held up in an old school building. They are told that they are not very found of people from the Minnesota Office as they’ve abandoned them, twice. ( see Misadventures in Iowa and Got to be somebody)

Travels the Desert goes inside to try and offer what help they can in investigating what’s happened thus far. Shadow Stalker stays outside to watch the outside in case of attack. While inside they notice a total of 13 people milling about but over 140 empty beds. They also notice the school looks to be fortified to keep out anything. “Throwback” the new leader of the Iowa refugees tell the team they haven’t been reassigned. *Throwback sends them to talk to the team working on the investigation.

Bane to darkness, Studies the Dead, and Travels the Desert walk to what might have been a computer lab and see two people working on a blue prints. Cedric “Thunder clap” introduces himself and Tenoh, Aiko.

Cedric reveals that they have been fallowing the murders of the Iowa refugees. They advise that 5 people have been killing the members one by one and that they might have something to do with the Section 7 offices exploding. Shadow Stalker advises over pack-link to ask about the explosion.

It is revealed that to full explain what is happening they need to go to the morgue. Studies the Dead goes forward to look over the bodies and talk to the Medical Examiner. Travels the Desert goes to watch with Shadow Stalker. Cedric “Thunder clap” explains what he can about what’s happened.

It is found out from the bodies that their where bombs filled with Silver and Gold shards that seems to have been thrown to kill everyone before they blow up the building. It looks like the first to die was the person guarding the moon bridge. Studies the Dead reasons that they tried to cover up how they got access to the building.

Cedric “Thunder clap” tells the group that all the files and records were destroyed with the building so they don’t have any intel on who was an enemies of the office. He also shows them the bodies of the murdered after the building falling.

Studies the Dead finda that all the injuries look to have been done by a human fist but finds this doesn’t make sense with the extreme amount of force put into the impact of the wounds.

Bane to darkness goes into his memories and finds that the Mortal that was based on the Hercules myth from Greek mythology could do similar fetes of strengths and shares it with the group.

A call is made to Mouse Pad asking that any intel gathered from the previous destroyed offices be forwarded to the group. The group then makes a battle plan.



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