Section 7


Not what it seems

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” joins the group in L.A. Meave “Banshee Cry” and Mel “Brews the Spirits” decide to stay in L.A. to try and complete their Fostern Challenges.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Jafari “Pale-Horse”, Silent Strike, and Oni Marked head to Vancouver. As they go over the Moon Bridge they notice Weaver, Wyrm and Wyld spirits all in the city limits all seeming to co-exist. As they land in The Vancouver office they all feel all resentment towards each other and anyone else seemingly to melt away. The team is reminded that Vancouver is the only city in the world where all creatures get along and don’t fight. There is also no crime rate.

They are Greeted after ten minuets by “Stands-There-Watching” the 2nd in command. He gives them a tour of the building. He explains that they recruit cubs to help build their numbers. The Team seems nervous about this and decide to try and recruit the cubs themselves. He offers if they need any help please contact him as he leaves.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” go to recruit the cubs, using mostly scare tactics. When they go to try and recruit anyone else they all claim to be perfectly happy where they are.

Silent Strike and Oni Marked look through their library to find any information on Vancouver. They find that everyone blames someone else for it being the reason for the city being a ‘Free-hold’.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace goes serching through the library shortly being joined by Rita and Jafari. They find a journal hidden behind some of the books. It looks to belong to a Silent Strider Galliard “Owl’s Song”. In the book she has documents her search to figure out the reason for the city being the way it is. She traveled in the umbra past many spirits to an area where no spirits are gathered to what looks like a ritual with men, women, crinos and lupus all calcified.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” suggests that it might be the work of Medusa. Deanna is unsure. Jafari “Pale-Horse” has an idea and takes Deanna with him as he goes out to summon Ibis [Or Seshat-I don’t have a perfect memory]. Once she appears Jafari hands her the journal and asks for any additional information she may know. The spirit tells them that totem spirits have a hard time getting into the city and sometimes mimicking spirits show up instead. She also reveals the Owl’s Song became a Ronin because Owl left her. Jafari asks where the missing pages are and she tells him on the top floor of the Section 7 office building.

Jafari goes to the top floor of the Section Seven building finding nothing and no way up to the next floor.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” gets an awakened Zip-line and climbs to the top of the tower next door noticing no windows on the top floor of Section 7. She goes into the Umbra to see a giant Pattern Spider sitting on the top of the building. After crossing back she stands on the top of the building looking around for anything to slip into the top floor finding nothing.

Soon the rest of the team joins her on the roof. Rita calls Mouse Pad and asks for some Thermite. Mouse Pad says she doesn’t want to know and has S.O.S. drop it off for the Team.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” goes looking for the last 2 cubs they missed. He finds them both hiding in a bathroom stall. One is a metis with a unicorn horn and the other is a metis with Black Spiral Pure-breed (also bat wings). Jafari sends both over the moon bridge to Section 7 Minnesota.

Rita lights the Thermite and after it burns through the floor they all jump through. They find it to look like a mix between someone’s bedroom and an office. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” start looking for the missing pages. They find that they are in a Vault.

Silent Strike starts looking for information on April the leader of the office. She finds no real information on her.

Oni Marked sees a bookshelf and tries to take a book off the shelf but everyt ime he tries his hand gets burned. Finally his rage over takes him as he picks up the book shelf and breaks it apart.

As soon as the bookshelf is ruined a small glass figure starts to go off like an alarm. Oni Mark throws it but it does not break. A door that was not there before suddenly starts to form on the wall. Rita throws a smoke bomb jumping down the hole the Thermite made-Fallowed by Deanna and Silent Strike. Oni Marked distracts April as she walks through the door by attacking her then fleeing himself.

As the land they relies that the Thermite has burned all the way to the tenth floor [from the 28th]. They all run from the building meeting up in the woods outside of the city.



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