Bane to darkness



Played by Josiah


quick refresher on the start my name is Helaku to my mentors people it means “full of sun”, to my people I am called “bane-to-darkness”. lets start at the being I was born a Gila Monster in the Mojave deserts for a few years time that was my life. when I felt my rage growing I was interested and wanted to know more that,s when my mentor came. He provoked my first change by laughing at my attempt to hide from him, some father, after I calmed down he picked me up and took me to his people on fort Mohave reservation. that night i had my first dreams although they where memory’s too. the first memory i had was of a human lover in the civil war era she was a slave as was i. after we were done working she came to me and looked deep in my eye there was something “off” about her eyes but I was in love. she asked for a kiss I gave her one with all my hart, mistake, the eyes ripped in to my soul showing me death everyone i had ever seen, felt or heard of in all my long years. the eyes laughed at me all the eyes. When i found my self i was living with the bat shifter i was kin to the rite master my bother was a shifter and i was mated to a promising theurge. I moved to sit by him at the cave entrance. he looked at me and aging his eyes had the “off” feeling to them, he padded his lap and said come lets talk about children so i sat down and he hugged me, and i went though every frenzy i every experienced where by anger pain or words i know them all being out of control just watching the monster i could become at any moment. the eyes laughed at me all the eyes laughing. When i found my self aging i was on a cliff top watch in a herd of triceratops grassing in the field below my son ran up to me yelling “daddy daddy” when i turned the first thing i saw was the eyes thoughts “off” eyes. ” not this time” i shouted I grabbed the thing and smashed its face to the ground “what are you evil” the figure looked at me with those eyes and said “let me show you” striking the ground with its foot the gauntlet ripped around us and I was looking at an abomination three one head with three faces looking different directions hands like lobster claws six spider legs and two tails that where never in nature. the thing said “we are your metis the innocent one’s now know fear” i shouted “I will not let you hurt anyone ever” then i made my war form, from the Tyrannosaurus i took the head and large teeth, i took the chameleon’s eyes so no one would sneak up on me, for the dinosaur polacanthus i took the body and spins I move the spins to the rig of my back and add a second layer of protective hide, i changed my front legs to that of my birth form, from the wipe tail lizard I took the tail and moved the spins along it, I let my mussel memory have small control of my tail an back legs will i focused on other things, finally i concentrated my rage in my mouth and it drooled black and poisonous the abomination never had a chance. when it was dead i raised my head to the alien umbral sky and roared “I am BANE-TO-DARKNESS and metis are my enemy” the rest of the dream i hunted innocent ones, banes and evil umbral denizens. some most times i lost but every victory was addictive when i woke up my mentor said “you are one of us now, your first lesson will be human shape” when I made that he gave me a pare of jeans and a t-shirt to wear and dedicated them to me from that day forth all my lessons where in human form. he taught me everything he knew and even introduced me to sector seven. after a year of work helping people forget or fighting vampires that could rip a fire door off it hinges and swig it like a bat, become invisible or with speed to match ours, i was even controlled by one until my partner tore it head from it body, i helped garou agents there fallen the fire breather and the invisible ones ,it is really disgusting to see one stretch out of the toilet your about to use, i also fought spirits thought they change so often I have no idea how to classify them. I learned at family is your most important asset you could have any where so I when back to fort mohave to find a stable mate. ,bad idea, what i found would turn anyone to sorrow the village burned. i ran to my mentor he was barley breathing but I know what his eyes said to do I bent over him and as he exhaled his last breath I breathed it in and all his memory i saw his history and the truth that he was my father that was a real shocker and rage grew but then I saw some thing worse a human wearing a green clock and hood in seconds turn a wooden house to gold metal cage and hold my Fathers wife hostage and torture her saying where is Asward’s body as my father slammed at the cage saying i dont know who your looking for. my blood was boiling as i sat up to the sound of some one approaching me looking up it was the clocked figure. it said asward and drew a long thin blade it was waering some kind of armor under the clock but I didnt have time to look my body exploded with rage and I went for it and it cam at me. it blade cut like gold and his armor felt almost impenetrably to me but I manged to grab it and throw it in to a burning building and collapses the structure on the thing then I when to my father and took his amulet if that thing survived i would be more than happy to destroy it a second time. after that i had no place to go but sector seven but now I need a family more than every is that in my future or is it some thing worse then what ive been through. Gaia save my hart from despair i cant lose much more

Bane to darkness

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