Jafari "Pale-Horse"

Silent Strider Metis Theurge


Jeff was born in northern Minnesota, though his parent’s didn’t exactly stick around. Seeing as they were both Silent Striders, that’s not surprising. No, that’s not “one Silent Strider and a Kinfolk.” They were both Silent Striders. Jeff is a Metis. The wretched result of a breach of the Litany. Not that he’s ever let that get him down… or more to the point, not that he’s ever let other people get to him through that fact. He had no control over his borth and thus found solace in the fact that no matter what other people said, he was not the sinful one.

Of all the places for him to grow up, though, a Wendigo Sept was not the best option. Ever. He grew up with the thought of being neither seen nor heard if he could help it. For his Childhood, few people were kind to him, though some Kinfolk were nice and tended to the needs of such a child. He was never allowed to leave the sept, as is common practice for Metis, though he was also never allowed to interact with any of the Cubs he was usually taught by the Kinfolk or by a sympathetic Garou. He grew up knowing “his sin.” He knew more about Garou Society than some Cubs by the time he was eight years old. As a Theurgee, he would often find friends in the Spirits. He found one in specific, a Field Mouse spirit who called himself Peep, who talked to him, shared some food on occasion and even introduced him to other Field Mice spirits. For a while Jeff almost thought he’d be happy to be a Bone Gnawer, since obviously Mice were nice, and from them he learned that Rat was a good Totem.

There was really only one thing that was truly horrific about his Childhood. The Curse of all Silent Striders. Everywhere Jeff went, he would hear the voices. Those poor unfortunates who never got to avenge themselves, ghosts of people dead and gone, animals who were killed unlamented and the worst, Metis who were killed before they were allowed to try and redeem their parent’s sin. Drowned at birth, killed in childhood, starved, beaten and ridden with vengeance and hate…. Every night he would hear them. He thought he would go mad if not for Peep talking to him and helping him to separate the real voices of Ghosts from Spirits.

Owl, however, had other plans. Jeff was born of two of his Children, and his blood ran in silence. No matter what happened to the poor child, he would be haunted by the hereditary problem of his Children. Wraiths would haunt him no matter where he went. When the time came for Jeff’s Rite of Passage Owl watched.

During the Rite, Jeff was forced to see what he could become if he gave up. A metis who had been worn down, even within the Children of Gaia, to the point where he had given up. At first, he felt nothing but contempt for the creature. He didn’t shift his form, he kept in homid all the time refusing to go to his birth form. He didn’t talk to the spirits, fearful that they would alert the local garou to his presence and his reluctance to help in the War.

Over the course of the Rite, though, Jeff was able to witness even the most worthless of Metis, one who had run from the Nation, redeem himself in his final act. It was only through his self-sacrifice that the Metis had given himself a bit of his honor back, and though Jeff didn’t know at the time how to perform the Rite, he insisted on performing the Gathering for the Departed for the metis. He managed to pull it off, barely.

Owing to his aptitude with Rituals, and considering the first non-basic Rite he’d performed was one of Death, Owl landed on his shoulder at the closing of the Rite of Passage and gave him the name “Pale Horse” to symbolize that he was a messenger of death… also to say that he was a mule. Let it never be said that Owl likes Metis… or doesn’t have a sense of Humor.

He still keeps Peep in his satchel, his friend riding with him wherever he goes and eats what food Jeff, now “Jafari Karawan “Pale-Horse”” puts into the bag. (Name explanations: Jafari was given by Owl along with the Deed name, Karawan was a name he chose for himself as his Remeberance name.)

He’ recently gotten an electricity spirit to l;ive in an old powerless Cell phone… the spirit changed it’s nature to match, re-naming itself “airtime.” It’s been almost constantly making calls around the world to other spirits and is actually somewhat helpful, but it’s still a minor spirit, so it’s not incredibly powerful.

Jafari "Pale-Horse"

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