Mel "Brews the Spirits"

Fianna Homid Theurge


Melanie never really thought she would be a shifter like her mother, Anya “Magdalene’s Song” and her brother, Finn “Heart of Fire”. She and her When she hit 14 she figured she was just kin and was transferred from the Sept school to High School in Dublin, sadly that’s the true name of the school. It was there that she and her lab partner for Chemistry figured out how to make a basic alcohol. That’s when she got into brewing her mother and father had really no objections, especially when she figure out how to make something that would sober someone in an instant and help them sleep.

When a still came close to exploding on the brewery to explode, Mel had shifted her only thought was I need to be stronger to save everyone. When she had woken up the still was in pieces and not the exploding kind the; I’ve been slashed to bits by a nine foot tall slathering moon beast kind. She could still remember the first thing she said to her mum when she woke up “Well so much for Trinity College.”

Throughout her training as a cub, mind you she had taken more to brewing then the training, she knew all of it, and the only thing needed was to hone her fighting and learn some new tricks and gifts. She had managed to come up with a brew to heal (with a little spirit help) and perfecting her other ones as well. For part of her rite of passage she needed to help cleanse a river, using the ingredients she had with her she had managed to make clear water next to it which would be more effective than the rite of cleansing which, no one had taught her yet. She had used spirit speech to get help retrieving the last of the ingredients and getting the mixture poured into the river cleansing it.

The den parent thinking of what he considered the perfect deed name; “Brews the Spirit” about a month or so after that when she decided to go visit an old friend of her home Sept that now lived in MN at the Sept of The . She was approached by a member of the Minneapolis office of Section 7, SOS saying her… unique talents were needed, and if in time she wanted to she could transfer to the Dublin office.

Mel "Brews the Spirits"

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