Deanna "Wyld's Grace" Helios-Argyros

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Deanna is about 5’8", and isn’t a waif by any stretch of the imagination. She’s not overweight (no garou ever should be) by any stretch – she may just be carrying an extra couple pounds, be it from her healthy appetite or a few baby pounds hanging on from her first pregnancy. Her hair, previously long black-brown curls, is now cropped short and kept back with clips and headbands, having needed a new hairstyle more practical to motherhood. Her skin is a dark olive now, speaking greatly of her Greek heritage. Her eyes, however, are a stormy blue – something she attributes to her kinfolk father (only known to her as “Cadmus” – it was this similarity that made her friends from Deanna’s cub days point her at her half-sister with similar eyes).

Her favorite jacket is embroidered all over from long days on maternity leave. The left sleeve announces her breed, tribe and auspice in bold glyphs of blue, green and yellow. At the top of her right sleeve is the glyph for “in memorium” in black, followed by the five auspice glyphs graded from white for ragabash to black for ahroun. Around each glyph is any number of beads which represent her fallen friends. On the back is a large montage of glyphs that tell the story of her rite of passage, with the ‘rite of passage’ glyph having a prominent place in the center of the back. Arrayed around this glyph are three name glyphs; “Steady in the Storm”, “Wyld’s Grace”, and “Trial by Fire”. While at work and on business, she’s rarely seen without this jacket.


Deanna Erinyes Helios was born to Erinyes “Athena’s Grace” Helios – Black Fury Philodox Fostern – on May 16th, 1987. Due to her ‘job’, she decided that her daughter would be safest being raised by her brother and his wife at Sept of Cracked Ice (a Wendigo-controlled caern near the Boundry Waters in Minnesota). They decided that it would be best for Deanna to grow up thinking that Erinyes was a caring aunt, and have a ‘stable’ family at home. Despite Erin’s decision, her packmates were less pleased about it. Artemis “Long Shot” (Black Fury Ahroun Fostern at the time) was not pleased that she wouldn’t get to see her goddaughter often, and Bridget “Sings ’Til Dawn” (Fianna Galliard Fostern) was miffed that Erin thought herself and her pack so incapable of dealing with a small child.

Regardless, Erin and her pack (“Mercury’s Seekers”) were frequent visitors and became honorary family to the kinfolk girl. Deanna, herself, was never really keen about her parents (or rather, who she thought were her parents), vastly preferring the company of her ‘aunt’. Her ‘parents’ had a distressing tendency to be rather bipolar about raising her, being smotheringly protective and dangerously indifferent by turns; while Erinyes would listen to her and offer help, which Deanna always turned down given her general ability to keep the sept boys (cubs and young cliath who thought it was her ‘duty’ to let them have their way with her) at bay and the thought that her ‘aunt’ (only a visitor to the sept) wouldn’t be able to do much.

Deanna and Mercury’s Seekers got into a few amusing scrapes… most of which involved Deanna sneaking into the attic, taking Bridget’s guitar, and trying to teach herself how to play until Bridget threw her hands up and promised to teach the girl. Erin more often would be Deanna’s confidant, listening to Deanna’s complaints about the habitual harassment. Artemis taught Deanna Archery, and the two of them with Rowan “Hides Helios” (Uktena Ragabash) would go hunting on longer visits. Deanna also had a lot of compassion towards a poor metis named Jeff who lived in the basement of the school building. The den parent of Cracked Ice, Thinks Then Leaps, allowed Deanna to go down with food and drink and a couple books to leave with him.

At the age of 16, Erin and her ‘parents’ gave Deanna her own guitar, an heirloom of the family. Deanna was initially baffled since it should’ve gone to Erin’s daughter, but figured that Erin wouldn’t have children so was giving it to the oldest niece. In this neat way, Deanna turned a blind eye to the breach and Erin’s secret was safe for a while longer. Having her own guitar meant that Deanna’s complaints about the sept boys dwindled to the occasional snide comment. So Erin started telling her stories of what the pack had done and goings-on in the Garou Nation that no one would think to tell a kinfolk girl.

The family tensions caused a rather large break shortly after Deanna had finished her high school education. She’d made arrangements to go to the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities after the sept elders had made it abundantly clear that she was not useful with her playing the guitar, compared to her “mother’s” tailoring and her “father’s” carpentry skills, and she was not expected to ever Change. She made these arrangements without talking to her ‘parents’, finding a job at the Orpheum theater in downtown Minneapolis, and moving in early to the dorms; scholarships, grants and her ushering job at the theater paying for the expenses. Thinks Then Leaps was kind enough to drive her as far as Duluth so she could easily catch a bus down to the Cities. Her ‘parents’ couldn’t find her for the better part of six months.

During her first term at the U, she met a young man named Peter Argyros. He barely qualified as a part-time student, taking only a music theory course – coincidentally, the same one that Deanna was taking that semester – and a ‘band’ class. To say they got along would be an understatement. Deanna liked his easy-going attitude and that he gave her a place to hide and just be herself. Peter liked Deanna’s passion and allowed her to pull him out of his shell a bit.

Over Christmas break, Deanna’s ‘parents’ finally managed to track her down and surprised her with a visit. For the first five minutes, Deanna tried to be pleased that her family was visiting, and her ‘parents’ tried to be pleased about her independent success. After that, it went downhill – Deanna couldn’t get past their passive/aggressive parenting, and they couldn’t understand why she felt they were wrong. Regardless, Deanna was left with a cell phone that had been a gift from a visiting Glass Walker at Cracked Ice that she got very good at ignoring over the next few months.

Spring term came and went peaceably, and Peter and Deanna’s relationship bloomed slowly but surely. They were both very firmly of the opinion that they’d figure out where they were going when they got there, but privately would say that they wouldn’t complain if this was the end of single-dom. Their schedules of working and gigs at coffee shops for Peter and classes and work at the theater for Deanna meant that they had very little time for proper dates, but that suited them both and their off time was spent quietly at Deanna’s dorm or Peter’s apartment, watching movies, listening to music, or doing homework.

As summer approached (and Deanna finally figured out how to block the number her family would call from), Deanna moved into an apartment in Northeast Minneapolis. This put her further away from Peter’s apartment and off campus, but it was cheap to rent and had easy access to regular bus routes to school and work. Finally having her finances budgeted enough to allow her to eat better than ramen and spaghettios and the blissful lack of contact from her ‘parents’, Deanna felt life was finally evening out…

After the first tour of Wicked to come to the Orpheum (in July 2007), Deanna had arranged to go over to Peter’s after work. She was delayed by getting tapped to help strike the set and load it into the trailer to go to the next stop on the tour. Drained and unobservant, Deanna made her way to St. Paul by bus, ignorant of the man that followed her after the first bus transfer. The bus let Deanna off not even two blocks away from Peter’s apartment, and as luck would have it, the sky opened up and finally poured down the rain it’d been threatening since early the day before. Quickly, Deanna was soaked through but doggedly continued towards Peter’s. Then her stalker made his presence known to her. Suddenly, Deanna found herself being man-handled into the alley, a dirty hand clamped over her mouth to keep her scream muffled.

As one might imagine, this didn’t end well for Deanna’s stalker. Terrified and only too aware of what had just happened, Deanna ran.

For two weeks, she avoided everyone, even Peter (who she didn’t actually know was a kinfolk of the Black Furies as she had been for her nineteen years of life). The only time she left her apartment was to go to work, but there was a critical oversight on Deanna’s part: Peter already knew her schedule and where she lived. Yeah… that encounter didn’t end terribly well for them either.

Her human life in ruins, she left the cities to go to the sept in New Ulm (Sept of the Forgotten War) and submitted herself to the Den Parent. After an almost painfully long term as a cub (nearly nine months), Deanna and a few other cubs were deemed fit to go on their Rite of Passage. Deanna was particularly close with two of them, another galliard of Fianna blood named Rowen (with only an e to differentiate him from Erin’s packmate) and a philodox of Silent Strider breeding named Indra (her father had a sense of humor apparently when he gave her a boy’s name). This meant that the other two with them (an ahroun and a theurge) were rather left on the outside looking in on a pack that was sure to form.

The Rite of Passage took them into St. Paul and to a local bar that was the only common link among several new fomori. Their task had been to get to the root of a particular new fomori’s “problem” and solve it. They figured this out fairly late in the day, and went to the bar about an hour before closing. In the umbra, they found the bar to be almost too inviting, with golden lights spilling from the windows and amiable chatter and the clanking of glasses floating on the air. Around back, they found the stillery, where an alcohol bane nearly drowned them in ale. The five cubs beat a hasty retreat into the bar, where even more banes awaited. Desperate, they escaped to the Tellurian…

Thankfully, they’d appeared in a deserted section of the bar, and no one had seen them… Well.. None that freaked out by the sudden arrival of five crinos and glabro garou suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Stunned, maybe, but certainly no screaming Delirium… You might imagine Deanna’s surprise when one of the five people in the office turned out to be none other than Peter – and he was very much in trouble. Deanna had been one of two in glabro, along with the theurge, and Peter was quite able to recognize her, despite the change of appearance. He shouted one word that broke the stunned stand-still in the back of the now closed bar; “Fomori!” Deanna shouted for the theurge to stay with Peter while she, Indra and Rowen formed a wedge of death with Indra staring down their foes and Rowen and Deanna rending them to pieces. The ahroun with them dealt some blows, but it was abundantly clear who was doing the most damage.

The fomori dealt with, Peter gave them the information that connected the fomori that had been ‘created’ by the bar; the home-brewed beer was a recipe that came from the Black Spiral Dancers… and, rather more importantly, the fomori they’d just killed had been on the brink of selling their recipe to a national distributor. Summarily, the recipe was burned, the mirco-brewery destroyed, and Peter was promised an explanation at a later date – after, of course, the cubs were sure that he had suffered no lasting harm nor turned into a fomor.

Upon their return to New Ulm, three totems arrived to recognize them as cliath; Stag, Owl, and Pegasus. Owl claimed Indra and the ahroun first, naming Indra Steady in the Storm as she had been the voice of reason the entire time. Next Stag claimed Rowen and the theurge, naming Rowen Trial by Fire for his fearlessness in battle, combined with his galliard talents bolstering his companions (in conjunction with Deanna’s). That left only Deanna to be claimed by Pegaus. Pegasus named her Wyld’s Grace. Many have asked why, but only a few know it’s because of her ability to adapt to everything thrown at her, and the raw potential Pegasus apparently saw in her.

During the brief time Deanna had between her Rite of Passage and her long over-due explanation to Peter, she was approached by a Section 7 recruiter. Though loath to leave Indra and Rowen behind, she accepted the position.

Now gainfully employed and living in employee housing, and aware that Peter was a kinfolk, Deanna easily slipped back into life in Minneapolis (though notably paranoid about buses and wearing skirts). There were hiccups here and there, like a year later when Erinyes finally tracked Deanna down herself and wound up letting it slip that she was actually Deanna’s mother, not aunt. (Again, that conversation didn’t end well.) There was also the time Rowen and Indra asked Deanna to help them with an investigation that almost got them all killed/calcified in the gauntlet… which, in turn, led to the ‘oops’ two months later of telling Peter that she was pregnant.

But if it had it’s bumps, there were high points too. Peter took his impending father-hood in stride and proposed to Deanna on New Years Eve as the ball dropped to bring in 2009. Deanna, already six months pregnant by this point, was ecstatic and couldn’t say yes fast enough or enough times to properly convey her happiness. (Her coworkers were hearing about it for weeks, much to their irritation.) She also found out through Rowen and Indra that she had a half-sister kinfolk in the Children of Gaia. Damia Cooper and Deanna got along famously, and Damia enjoyed stepping into an aunt’s shoes. Their daughter, Lauriet Deanna Argyros, was named for the Corax that had made a rune casting for Deanna that had warned her that motherhood was not too far in the future for her. Little Lauriet was born March 17th, 2009 (which pleased Rowen, who was named Godfather, no end) by emergency Caesarean that Damia performed on the living room floor of the Argyros apartment. ((Damia made the joke that Peter now knew his new wife inside and out afterwards, as he’d had to watch Damia cut Deanna open.)) Around her 22nd birthday (two months later), Deanna figured she’d punished Erin for lying enough simply by choosing the path Erin hadn’t taken, so they reconciled and had the bomb dropped on them that she was already married and had a two month old daughter. Admittedly, they’d all known about Peter and her being serious, but it was still a nice shock. Rowan – an Uktena Ragabash to the end – was so endlessly pleased with Deanna for keeping the whole thing secret for so long.

Since then, life has been fairly quiet for the young couple. Peter stays at home and takes care of Laurie during the day, and Deanna brings home money so Peter can continue to work odd evenings at a quiet little coffee shop when he absolutely needs to do something productive.

Deanna "Wyld's Grace" Helios-Argyros

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