Section 7

Baby on the way
Side scene

WHAT THE HELL?? Looking down Meave see her belly stretch out .. Great a brush with the wyld and my pregancy get speeded up .. Shit and we’re in the middle of a fire fight too .. Fuck fuck fuckty fuck . The Florida Sept elder Theruge and some of the pack toss me onto a moonbridge back to Section 7 .. Stumbling off the moonbridge and right into Mousepad No less .. SHIT .. ” Meave I know you want to get back to fucking Tommy but really a moonbridge”, Mousepad says .. At that moment my water breaks all over Mousepad nice pink bunny slippers .. “FUCK what the hell” yells Mousepad.

“What happened to you ”, she asks as she yell for people to help her get me to the medic room .. Brush with a Wyld Thunderworm .. SHIT SHIT SHIT .. doubles over with the contraction grabbing Mousepad arm in a death grip as the contraction takes my breath away .. Shit that was strong . Moving even faster now Mousepad yelling out orders for people to go get Tommy and to get the hell out of her way ..

Rushed into the medic room the gurahl perping the labor table .. “Okay anyone not in labor or not the father get out “m the bear roars . Not you Mousepad I need you to help me get her ready .. Mousepad makes a face and assites. About this time the door bangs open and Tommy is almost tossed into the room.. “Shit”, he yells. Is Meave Okay ?? What going on ?? “Um Tommy due to a brush with some wyld it look like your gonna be a daddy much sooner ”, say Mousepad as she moves out of the way ..

” Hi Tommy Boy ” says Meave from the delivery table. Crash is heard as Tommy faints and knocks over a tray of tools .. Mousepad trys to slide out but the gurahl tells her to wake the father up before she trys to leave .. “Great just my luck”.. Waves smelling salts under Tommy nose and pats his face . Come Tommy it show time ..

Tommy wakes up as a strong contraction grips Meave causing her to sit bolt up and grab the edges of the delivery table the sound of metal bending is heard .. Tommy sheaks his head and look over at Meave .. rushing over he get up behind her to help her push . and wipes the sweat off her brow .. I’am here Meave .. I ‘am here . ” About fricking bloody well time you git ”, she all but screams . “I’am here baby and I love you ” , he whispers into her hair . “What did you say?” , she asks as she try to turn her head towards him.

I love you Meave .. and I have for quite awhile now .. know it not the best time to say it but ther you are .. “SHIT SHIT SHIT”, she screams as another contraction hits her. ” Look like your baby is in a hurry to get here you two , Meave on the next contraction I need you to not push I have to turn the baby shoulders so you don’t get torn up ..” NOT PUSH are you fucking with me”, she groans. No I believe that was Tommy job Meave .. just breath .. FUCK FUCK FUCK .. another strong contraction hits as the medic does something under the drap sheet .

” Tommy I love you too you fucker but right now I want this kid outta ME!!! Okay the baby is turned on the next contraction I need you to push hard Meave , Tommy help prop her up so she can push better .. Panting as Tommy pushes her into a higher sitting postion sweat rolling down her face .. she look amd see Stag standing there looking on .. ARGH!!!! Pushing with all she has a wail is heard as the baby slides from her mother’s body out into the world . Healthy lungs on this little girl Meave .. The two of you have a daughter .

A girl a little baby girl was all Tommy could think .. a Cheer was heard in the hallway and Stag nodded then faded away .. Bet were collected and the mother and baby were cleaned up .. All fixed up and sitting holding her babe and Tommy holding them both .. Tommy what shall we call her ?? Bryanna meaning strong ..

Bryanna I like that ..

[written by Collete]

Tommy and Meave have the talk
Side scene

Walking into her room and tossing her jacket at the chair in there .. Tommy tommy tommy what am I going to do with you ?? She looked over her shoulder at the cute kinfolk .. ” I guess what you usually do , bonk my brains out then get called off on a mission ” he says kinda tiredly . “What the f..” she gives him a rather stunned look.”I know that you will tire of me Meave .. it all over the Sept that I’am this month’s flavor for you ” , he states.

“Whoa back up there .. Flavor of the month ?? Who comes up with this shit ? And why are you buying it ??

Taking him by the hand and leading him over to the recliner in her room and making him sit down while she

kneels in front of him ..”Well isn’t it true ” he asks. “Your usually on to the next kinfolk in a months time ”.

” I mean isn’t that what we’re here for ” he says . ” Fuck no ” she yells . ” If you were just here for me to BONK

we wouldn’t be in MY room .. we would be in your room ..

And I do not think of you as just this months model Tommy .. Shit .. walks around the room kinda pissed at herself and the other of the sept .. Tommy I was a kinfolk till I shifted .. I was raised knowing that one day I would have to mate with a garou .. And I was kept pure for that purpose .. My shift happened when some neighborhood boys decided that I was a frozen teasing bitch that need to learn a leason .. They grabbed me smacked me around and started tearing my clothes off ..

I would never do that to you .. I’ve been where you are .. I understand but do know that I want you here cause I care about YOU , pokes him in the chest . Not just some glasswalker kinfolk but you Tommy .. I can get sex from any guy I want now and day and for a while when I first shifted well I did .. It was kinda like giving the finger to my family for those years of being the good girl .. But if I have sex it is back I like that person and want to share sex with them ..

So if your not happy there is the door ->/ But I do care about you Tommy boy ..

She walks off a way and kinda turns her back to him ..

“Meave do you really mean that ’, he asks? She turns real tears in her eyes . ” Yes” is all she says .

He takes her in his arms .. and we close the door on this scene

[written by Collette]

gunpowder and lead
Shit happends but mostly to NPCs

The team learns that they are all ready to challenge for their next rank except Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Jafari “Pale-Horse”. They all decide before leaving for their next mission they’ll give some time to challenge.

Meave “Banshee Cry” goes to S.O.S. to challenge for Fostern. S.O.S. decides she needs to think about what the challenge will be. She contacts her later to tell her to go to the Aetheral and bring an item back.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” challenges Kevin Child of G “Falls on enemies” Adren Theurge Homid. She is told later that her challenge is to mediate a dispute between a spirit and a Garou.

Silent Strike challenges “Hunts on Broken Legs” an Ahroun Uktena of Athro rank for the rank of Adren. She is told later on that her challenge is to infiltrate a suspected Pentex office in Toronto and gather Intel on it’s weaknesses and what they are doing there.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” joins the pack with Fox’s blessing.

The team heads out to Austin, Texas. By taking the Moon bridge they find Helios is the offices spirit. Oni Marked drops shroud on Jafari “Pale-Horse” so he doesn’t get a sunburn. They find out that it is raining in the real.

Upon crossing to the real they are greeted by “Bad for Business” A cliath Ragabash Glasswalker. He informs them that “Pocket full of sun” is resting nad Song Hunter is missing so he’ll be their guide for their stay.

Silent Strike and Oni Marked go to look for trouble in the area finding a vampire’s den and burning it to the ground after stealing some of his books.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” looks around the building finding a couple strider glyphs pointing to where there might be some vampires.

Meave “Banshee Cry” and Mel “Brews the Spirits” spend most of their time exploring the office.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace goes around the office handling most of the recruitment work. She gets a decent number of people willing to change location due to boredom or just change of pace.

After spending a couple hours they see Bad for Business race past them to the rec room. Deanna Wyld’s Grace chases after him finding a spirit takes over the Tv. It response in English “The one I went looking for is no longer on the mortal realm. His location is [longitude and latitude].”

Bad for Business admits the ban the office took as gaining Helois’ blessing was not to anything while he could not shine upon them except kill vampires. the Team agrees to go and look into it themselves and report back. B.F.B. also admits that Song Hunter had a wife with Black Fury purebreed but he never really met her.

The entire team heads to the location that was given by the spirit to find that there is a poorly dug grave. Meave “Banshee Cry” and Mel “Brews the Spirits” find the body to be filled with fragments of silver.

Trying to get more information some head to the umbra but find the spirits know very little about what happened. Jafari “Pale-Horse”, Silent Strike, and Oni Marked decide to take Song Hunter’s body back to the Texas office.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Meave “Banshee Cry”, and Mel “Brews the Spirits” go to Song Hunter’s house. They find out that he frenzied and killed their 6 year old song and the wife [Artemis] kicked him out. She also says she hasn’t seen him in four day. Meave explores the house finding a sawed-off shotgun by the bed in the bedroom, no pictures on the wall, a six year of boys room and a nursery with fresh furniture. Deanna offers to take Artemis with her back to Section 7 in Minnesota.

As they get back to the Texas office Deanna Wyld’s Grace takes Artemis to the medical wing while everyone else goes to the morgue. At the morgue the team finds that the Morgue Tech can’t say for sure what was used to kill Song Hunter but it might have been home-made silver bullets.

Silent Strike goes through out the office trying to find a Philodox to tell whether or not Artemis is telling the truth. She finds a only a metis male of high enough rank to ‘sense reality’s path’.

The Doctor takes Deanna aside a lets her know that Artemis has recently had an abortion and she has several healed broken bones. She also suggests that if a Philodox is brought in that there shouldn’t be any men involved given the trauma.

When the group of Philodox go to question Artemis Deanna and Mel stay with her. The Metsi male confirms everything she says is truthful.

The group decides to split into three parts—

Jafari “Pale-Horse” decides to run to the L.A. office.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Meave “Banshee Cry” decide to go back to the Minnesota office. Meave goes back to visit her daughter and Tommy. Deanna drops Artemis off with her husband Peter to watch after.

Oni Marked, Mel “Brews the Spirits”, and Silent Strike take a Moon Bridge straight to the L.A. office.

Once the party regroups Eclair “Purifying Flame” the leader of the L.A. office greets them warmly offering them tea. She advises she knows their mission and holds no ill will if anyone choices to go with them. She does warn though that they not go into the umbra or go anywhere alone.

At the mention of umbra both Silent Strike and Oni Marked peak noticing the entire umbra scape is very geometrical and over run with weaver.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” goes to the Silent Striders in the office asking if anyone knows a certain Silent Strider rite. One admits they do and are more then willing to teach it to him for Chinese food. Jafari runs to China Town and runs into a women running an Occult store who tries to detain him but he manages to get away.

Silent Strike and Oni Marked find the women. Through dubious means they convince the women they are god and the devil. They loot her store and steal cash from her register.

The group finds that they must stay at the L.A. office for the night so Jafari can learn the rite properly and still have a good rest.


Jafari “Pale-Horse” and Deanna Wyld’s Grace go after the Will-worker that tried to trap him. They find a Garou chained in the basement which she seems to be stealing Gnois out of. The combat is hard and they almost die but they managed to destroy her.

Step one two
Florida mission

The entire Team gets a Text message from Mouse pad to meet on Roof B. When they all arrive she introduces them to the Get Philodox who is the master of challenge. He asks, “Anyone who wishes to be the Alpha of this group please enter the stone circle.” Everyone but Oni Marked and Meave “Banshee Cry” enter.

Silent Strike is the first thrown out of the circle while Deanna Wyld’s Grace is the last one standing, she names Mel “Brews the Spirits” as her Beta. They go with the Rites Mistress who does rite of the totem once more adding Oni to their group. Fox is pleased with them as they choice the pack name “A-Team”.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Mel “Brews the Spirits” decide to take Meave “Banshee Cry” to the Medical office since she keeps throwing up. She is told that she is with child.

Meave tells Tommy while he is in the middle of playing StarCraft 2 that he’s going to be a father. Tommy faints. When he is brought back to the land of the waking everyone notices that the computer screens in the lab are all repeating the same thing “Told you it was a trap, Tom. Should have listened to me. Lol.”

Mel “Brews the Spirits” notices that she can hear Andrea Walker laughing and informs the group he hasn’t moved on to the next stage of the after life.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” receives another package this time with a scrap book dating back to when photographs were invented showing members of his family. Along with it is a note “Don’t know how much longer I have—we should met soon.” Rittimer goes to Mouse Pad for help. She performs an “Elder” gift and hands him a picture of the person sending him stuff and tells him that the women he is looking for is in Florida.

The pack is assigned a tag-along Serena “Wise Wings” who is new to Section 7 and Mouse Pad wants them to show what she’ll be dealing with. The pack decides to go to the Miami, Florida office.

The Miami office is Run by “Never asks Twice” a well know Shadow Lord “bitch from hell” and her second is “Wings of swift glory”. When they arrive Rittimer blots from the building citing the bad relations he has with both tribes. Never asks twice tells the pack to do what they need to then to get the hell out of her city. Wings of swift Glory offers to help them in anyway he can.

Silent Strike and Oni Marked decide to ask the spirits what caused Rittimer’s “Bad relations” with Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs finding out a little bit of his back story.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace asks if there are any septs in the area. W.O.S.G. says there is the Black Fury Sept of the Chased Maiden and the Uktena sept of honoso iyola [translates to deer-snake in Timucua].

The Pack decides to split—

Oni Marked and Silent Strike decide to go to the Uktena sept. (that scene is here: Uktena sept adventure )

Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Mel “Brews the Spirits”, Meave “Banshee Cry”, Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, and Serena “Wise Wings” go to the Black Fury sept to look into the winged horses that have been springing up.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” – not wanting to take a chance- dresses in drag and pretends to be mute. When the group arrive at the sept all of their “Weaver tech” is collected. They are sent to met the Alpha who is in the challenge circle punishing some cliath who made the comment “Who lit the fuse on your tampon?”

The B.F. Alpha offers to spare with the group. Meave “Banshee Cry” explains she can’t since she is pregnant.

The team investigates the Pegasus that have been showing up. They learn that the sept has been selling it off as a Halloween/amusement park public stunt. They aren’t sure where they come from but they collect and take of them as well as they can.

They are informed later after lunch another Pegasus has shown up. The group tags along with the Black Fury who goes to get this one.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” and Deanna Wyld’s Grace go cover the veil as a passing car saw the winged horse fall out of the sky.

Mel “Brews the Spirits”, Meave “Banshee Cry” and Serena “Wise Wings” go to the Umbra to see what they can find out. After a few minuets of talking with the spirits a Nexus Crawler comes stumbling towards them. The three quickly go back to the real.

Serena “Wise Wings” now has brittle bones

Mel “Brews the Spirits” is suddenly covered in freckles.

Meave “Banshee Cry” is now 9 months pregnant.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace now has 5 Black Fury Purebreed

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” is now a girl.

Oni Marked and Silent Strike arrive just in time to see the horror of the Nexus crawler. The pack runs back to the Black Fury sept.

The sept Alpha and the Rites Mistress have a heated argument before the Alpha relents. The Rites mistress calls for all Theurges to help her in performing a rite. She opens a moon bridge where many of the Uktena walk with the Black Furys to try and seal away the Nexus Crawler. They succeed.

Let it go

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” receives a newspaper clipping in the mail that goes as fallows: You receive this news clipping in a plan envelope:

_Over the past several months, small stacks of envelopes, each containing a about $85 and a handwritten letter, have been turning up in the restrooms at prefectural offices across the world. On July 11, officials announced the mystery money has been found in 33 different restrooms in government offices located in 15 prefectures — New York, L.A., Miami, Juno, Des Moines, Austin, Minneapolis, London, Vancouver, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Sydney, Brasília, Mexico city, Berlin, Moscow, and Seoul.

In every case where the money turns up, the 10,000 bills are each enclosed in separate envelopes with the words “payment” and “one envelope per person” written on them. The envelopes also include a handwritten message asking the finder to use the money to help pay for some sort of study or training.

In Tokyo, a stack of ten envelopes was found in the restroom on the first floor of the Tokyo city office on June 14. Elsewhere, stacks of nine envelopes were found in the men’s restrooms at both the Seoul and Berlin ward offices, and a stack of ten was found in a restroom at the Sydney ward office.

According to officials in Brasília prefecture, where about $1,700 was discovered in the restrooms at the city and prefectural offices, each of the 20 accompanying letters written on rice paper featured slight differences in handwriting, indicating a single benefactor wrote each letter by hand.

The first known mystery money appeared in Paris on April 9, where a stack of six envelopes was found in the first-floor men’s restroom of the city office.

All told, more than $23,000 has been found in restrooms across the united states. _

Also his butler arrives to help Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” with protecting himself from his foe.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace while watching TV with her husband sees a news report about some winged horses in FL.

Meave “Banshee Cry” misses her period.

Silent Strike hears about a bar that locks its doors during “Happy Hour”.

Oni Marked is transferred from the ruins of the Tokyo office to Iowa and is given a mysterious book.

Dealing with Madame
Not all information is free

Meave “Banshee Cry” goes into labor shortly after the rite was finished. The Rites Master of the Chased Madian opens a moon bridge back to the the Section 7 office in Minneapolis.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace discusses with the rest of the pack what they would like to do next. She suggests that they finish the recruitment in Florida but be careful not to draw the attention of “Never Asks Twice”. Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” mentions that she has some ‘family’ business to attend to.

Rita headed down to the intel department of the Miami office to ask for any information on the picture he had received from Mouse Pad. The person in charge gives what little information he has. The girl in the photo is known as Cendrillon Bonville who has been seen at the Chinese restaurant in one of the worse part of town. They don’t know what or who she really might be. Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” was given the address and wished luck.

She shared what Intel she had received and told the rest of the pack she was leaving. Mel “Brews the Spirits” asks Her alpha if she may tag along with ‘Rita’ to keep her safe. Deanna Wyld’s Grace agrees to the choice. Silent Strike and Oni Marked sneak off to fallow ‘Rita’ without her knowledge leaving Deanna to recruit alone.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace contacts “Wings of swift glory” who agrees to distract “Never Asks Twice” while she recruits members of the office. Deanna got a total of 15 members to defect from the office before she ran into Jafari “Pale-Horse” someone she had gone through her rite of passage with. After a heated conversation she convinced him to defect to the Minnesota office.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” and Mel “Brews the Spirits” walk into the restaurant finding it to be ala carte buffet. After both ordered their meals [Rita ordering a more traditional meal and Mel a very ‘american’ safe bet] they hear a door opening from behind the kitchen.

Silent Strike used Blur of the Milky eye to sneak into the restaurant behind Rita and Mel. Oni Marked peaked into the umbra noticing a Blood Bane. He made the choice to cross to the Umbra to kill it.

A women asked if either of the workers had seen someone by Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”’s male description. Rita announces herself to the restaurant. The women send the workers out as she greets the two she can see of the pack. Both notice she is wearing a silver made dog collar. She bows and advises Rita she has to go into combat with her to confirm her identity. After a shot time of combat the women bows and take the two up stairs to Madame Cendrillon Bonville. Silent Strike sneaks up behind them as they are taken to the apartment that outshines the surrounding neighborhood.

Madame seems to have been living with a great amount of riches. She greets Rita and Mel warmly offering them tea. The women [main protector] bows out of the room and leaves. Rita accepts the offer of tea while Mel declines. They met yet another servant wearing a silver collar who serves them tea. Silent Strike explores the apartment, letting Rita and Mel know for the first time she is with them. Oni Marked after defeating the blood bane moves in the umbra to be behind Madame.

Madame explains to Rita that she was the man she knew as Desmond’s ‘sister’ as being sired at the same time and by the same person [evident by a painting she has of the two of them together]. She laments the fact that Desmond has carried on this obsession with Rita’s family. Offers that she knows Desmond has a few shifters working for him which is her reason for having the servants she does for her own protection. She also offers that he has been ‘eating the souls’ of her kind to gain strength and that he showed up in France 5 month ago [which Rita connects to the time the Paris Office exploded] and she’s had to go underground.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” gets up from the room to keep from frenzying to keep from killing Madame before Rita is done getting her information. Madame explains Desmond has become paranoid about those who know his true name and has been destroying those who know his past. Rita asks Madame why she is offering to help her. Madame explains that she wants to give Rita what information she has as Desmond will be coming for her soon and she’d like Rita to destroy Desmond for her.

During this time Silent Strike has discovered that there is a total of 5 ‘ghouled’ garou with silver collars. She tries to open seal them but is unsuccessful. She find the living area for the servants to be a couple mats on the ground in a windowless room that is filthy. She then finds Madame’s bedroom to be stacked with paintings, boxes and other treasures. She also finds a large locked box shoved in a corner.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” demands what intel Madame has on Desmond and she brings forth another servant, the youngest of them, to bring out a large box to give to Rita. The girl mouths discretely to Rita to “Help” before leaving the room again. Rita sends over pack link that they should kill Madame. She gets up to leave only to open the door to let the party back up stairs.

Oni Marked sidesteps in his breed form and tries to take off Madame’s head only to have his sword vibrate in his hand as it connects. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Jafari “Pale-Horse” arrive to the scene shortly before combat starts running up the stairs. Mel “Brews the Spirits” also goes up stairs to join in the combat. Rita tosses the box out the door and goes back up fallowed by Madame’s protector. Rita shoots at Madame. Pale Horse claws. Mel bites. Deanna slices with her labrys and Oni throws fire. Madame controls tentacles to try and combat them away as her protector tries to block the attacks from hitting Madame. Silent strike meanwhile unlocks the box to find an almost blindingly bright glowing ball which she tosses at Madame. All the attacks kill Madame causing her Protector to frenzy but because of the Silver collar keeping her from changing forms.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, Deanna Wyld’s Grace, and Jafari “Pale-Horse” flee from the building because it has started on fire heading back to the Section 7 office in the area to moon bridge back to Minnesota.

Oni Marked falling touches the frenzying protector and leads out the rest of the servents at great harm to himself by the amount of silver. Silent Strike find a key in the ashes of Madame which she assumes will open the collars. Mel “Brews the Spirits” goes through Madame’s room grabbing some books and paintings that may be important. Silent Strike find a Fang Dager in what had been the servant’s room.

Mel, silent Strike, and Oni load the servants in the car as they flee the scene to a isolated location to see if they can cleanse the servants. The youngest of the servants grabs on to Silent Strike crying and thanking her. She reveals she doesn’t remember much except that she was taken.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” comes up with the idea after the collars are taken off that clear water might do a bit of the trick which does seem to bring some emotions forth from the other 3. “Winter’s strength” a Wendigo Philodox Cliath reveals he was taken shortly after his rite of passage at the sept of ma’iingan Heart. Another servant Jontae [who served the tea] syas he was taken from the Bone Gnawer sept near the Arc de Triomphe.

Oni Marked takes the girl who can’t remember her name to the umbra who reveals her name to be Anne, a cub who went missing from the sept of the Chased Maiden a few months back. Oni also recognized the purebreed on the only other servant who wasn’t still frenzying, Zhong Lung. She says her name is Amelia [who brought out the painting] and her mother died and her Dad was ‘away’ when she changes and was taken by the evil women. Oni asked which Wallow her father belonged to, causing her to relax enough to admit her Father was Mokole but her mother was an ‘Egg crusher’. She says her father is at the wallow of Honey Island in the Louisiana swamps. Silent Strike makes a deal with a wind spirit to deliever a message to a Corax at the FL office to deliver a message to Amelia’s father that she was found and safe.

Wings of Swift Glory showed up to help cleanse what taint was left on the servants. At this time they decide to remove the collar from the frenzying servant who shifts to Crinos shortly before she is falling touched again then falls asleep. She stays in what they discover to be her breed form [yey for metis]. Mel “Brews the Spirits” contacts the Black Furys to pick up Anne then offers to the rest that they can come to Section 7 in Minnesota.

The protector awakes and seems to be free from whatever hold the Madame had on her. She announces her self as Lures-To-The-Trap Stargazer Ahroun Claith ‘born of corruption’. She says she was taken many years ago. Mel offers to find her a way home but Lures refuses on the ground that she ‘has betrayed’ too many people to be welcomed back.

The Corax from the FL office shows up to the group to let them know that Amelia’s father was on his way. Oni Marked suggests that the rest of the group leaves but Silent Strike refuses. Mel “Brews the Spirits” goes with Wings of Swift Glory back to the FL Office with all the servants minus Amelia.

Silent Strike and Oni Marked notices a large amount of alligators coming towards them at a quick speed. Oni and Silent suggest to Amelia that they might have to sidestep if things go badly. Only one of the alligators comes out of the water shifting to a human form. Oni, thinking quickly, greets the Mokolé with a greeting he learned from the Japan office of Section 7. The man reveals himself to be the father and comments to Oni when he introduces himself that Mokolé ‘don’t have metis’ and calls Silent and Oni ‘Egg Crushers’. Silent asked the father if he knew what Amelia’s mother had been. He admits reluctantly that he had with a few hisses from the group behind him. Oni says that Amelia is like her mother. The father sighs and says he can’t take her home. Silent offers to take care of his daughter which he response ‘you will be remembered’ and he leaves.

Oni, Silent Strike, and Amelia join the rest of the pack back at the Minnesota Section 7 office.

Black Fury troubles
Tommy's past comes back to haunt him

Early in the next morning Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” hears a call over the radio for security at the front desk. He decides to jog down to see what is going on. He sees Becca, the receptionist, panickly dealing with a Black Fury who is demanding to see Taddeo Konstantinos. Becca reassures the Black Fury that no one by that name lives there and that they are simply a Graphic Design firm. The Black Fury shows a necklace that is pointing up saying that the rite of the questing stone disagrees and demands her property be returned to her. Rittimer tells her to cool off and stop scarring poor Becca.

The Black Fury introduces herself as Prowls in Darkness and hands Rittimer a Washington State ID with Tommy’s picture on it demanding he bring her brother to her. Silent Strike enters wondering what the loud noises are to be exposed to the scene. Becca flees her desk saying she’s going to get Songs Of Sorrow, Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” fallows after her asking Silent Strike to watch the Black Fury. Deanna Wyld’s Grace shows up to work and is trapped in the lobby with Prawls and Silent Strike.

S.O.S. is still in her pjs when Becca and Rittimer run into her. Becca tells S.O.S. that Thomas’ family is here. S.O.S. lets out a string of swears before calling Mouse Pad and getting her orders. She tells Rittimer to fetch Tommy ‘just in case’.

Meave “Banshee Cry” is informed through pack-link that someone is down stairs looking for Tommy claiming to be his sister. When Meave asks Tommy about it, Tommy refuses to leave the room begging Meave not to make him go down stairs. Meave offers to go with Tommy and protect him which he agrees to. Meave and Tommy stand off to the side to watch the conversation without being scene.

S.O.S. confronts Prowls in Darkness telling her that they have no one by the name she's requested. S.O.S. then tells Prowls to leave the building quickly. Prowls attacks S.O.S. to the ground. Silent Strike drops Shroud to try and keep combat from breaking out. Rittimer eggs Prawls on to try and get a location on her so he can shoot her. Prowls once again demands that her property be returned to her, calling them out on violating the 3rd tenet [Respect the Territory of Another] of the litany.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace frenzys and kills Prowls in Darkness. S.O.S. was apparently hurt more then thought first and is rushed to the medical wing. Meave “Banshee Cry” claims Tommy as he kinfolk. Mel “Brews the Spirits” comes down just in time to see the aftermath and is exceedingly confused.

Amber eyes comes to the group and tells them it’s time to fill out their paper work and decide their next mission. The group has a long discussion they decide that they should go recruit members from different offices but Silent Strike and Mel decide to go bring back Prowls in Darkness’ body home.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace is given the rest of the day off and is sent home. Meave “Banshee Cry” decides to try and calm Tommy down from watching his sister be murdered.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” and Silent Strike head out for the L.A. Section 7 office to get transport to the Sept of Forgotten Sun. Unknown to them Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” fallows after them ten minuets later.

Upon arriving at the Section 7 in L.A. they are greeted warmly by Eclair “Purifying Flame” C.O.G. Theurge who lets them know that that sept of Black Furies is not some place she’d suggest they’d go alone but Silent Strike informs her they’ll be fine. Mel and Silent Strike borrow a car taking Prowls body back to the sept.

When Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” arrives Eclair greets him as warmly and offers him some tea. Rittimer agrees to a cup of tea as she informs him that there is no way they’ll let him on to their sept because he’s a male. She also says they don’t even have male metis on the sept, only male kinfolk. She also suggests that she thinks it’s slightly wyrm tainted. Rittimer accepts her warning but informs he he wants to make sure his pack is safe. Eclair then takes him to a closet full of clothes and tells him to cross dress.

Upon arriving at the Black Fury’s Sept Silent Strike and Mel introduce themselves. They are showed around the sept noticing that it is entirely female and no signs of any male kinfolk. Mel starts to tell the group of Elders that Prowls had come to the sept they were members of looking for a kin that they had never heard of. Silent strike tells Mel to be quiet as she tells the sept that Deanna Wyld’s Grace frenzied on Prowls in Darkness and murdered her. The group of Elder’s become enraged plotting the death of Wyld’s grace for killing the Sept Alpha’s daughter.

Silent Strike and Mel “Brews the Spirits” are then taken to the cabins where the male kinfolk are kept. Mel notices that each of the houses have a family name marked on it. As the Warder goes in to fetch Prowls’ father [also Tommy’s] the two garou notice the sounds of non-consensual sex. When the Father is dragged out Silent strike repeats the same story to him. He accepts it and Mel heals his as much as she can by shaking his hand before the two flee the sept.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” waits until after Silent Strike and Mel are off the sept before going forward to introduce himself claiming to be a female [with help of a spirit from Eclair]. He is shown the sept as well and is more unnerved by the obvious decline. He goes to the group of Elders giving a more ambiguous series of events. The Elders agree not to hunt down Deanna Wyld’s Grace and kill her. He is also guided to the kinfolk cabins but is left alone there. He assures Tommy’s father that his son is safe and sound before leaving.

Got to be somebody
The aftermath

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” upon seeing the message in the rubble panics and tries to get the polite to turn the helicopter back to Minnesota thinking it might be a message from someone in his past. shepards the wicked makes a comment about how running in fear and abandaning their allies in a time of need seems foolish which is met by most of the party telling him he doesn’t know anything since he’s just a lupus. Silent Strike suggests that they see if there is anyone still alive before they flee.

From the helicopter they notice at least one person might still be alive. They decide to land close by. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and shepards the wicked decide to stay in the helicopter to make sure it doesn’t take off. Cedric “Thunder clap” leaves them as he walks off to make a phone call.

Silent Strike looks around to see if she can find anything useful in the mess. She finds a golden watch, a locked brief case, a shoe, a brick with M.M. signed on it, and a fetish laptop.

Meave “Banshee Cry”, Mel “Brews the Spirits”, and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” go to the one person whose still alive. He’s badly injured but the manage to heal him enough to get him up to talking. He claims that they were ambushed and then he dies. Upon looking over his body they find shards of Silver and Gold in his skin.

Everyone except Cedric “Thunder clap” get back on the helicopter. They get a message from Mouse Pad to go to a secondary landing point as not to lead who ever blew up the Iowa office from fallowing them back. The team lands at a small air strip in Aitkin, Minnesota. Upon arriving they are met by Beats Back Death who says she will lead them through the secret passage back to the office.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” senses no wyrm in the area and goes down the hole to find a bunch of tunnels. Meave “Banshee Cry”, Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, and Deanna Wyld’s Grace fallow after her. shepards the wicked resists going into the tunnel as it is a mode of travel the Black Spiral Dancers use. He is once again told to be quiet by the group because he’s a lupus. Shepard goes into the hole after Beats Back Death and Silent Strike.

After getting to the office they are called up top a meeting room. Mouse Pad takes the brief case from Silent Strike and revels to the group that a lot of the newer Section 7 offices have been destroyed recently. She claims that Frost of Falcon wants to keep it under their hats but Mouse Pad thinks it’s stupid. She suggests that maybe gathering some of the people from other offices might keep them safer. She tells them they have free choice on missions.

shepards the wicked leaves the group tired of being treated like an Omega for no reason.

Eternal Melody
My Fallout Cab @ the Disco concerts always end in death...

It’s been a month since the last mission the team was on. They get a phone call at 9pm telling them to meet in the main office building.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace says goodnight to her daughter and kisses her husband good bye as she heads to the office. Silent Strike goes up to the meeting room the the shooting range in the basement. Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” hires a sitter to watch his young metis daughter. Cedric “Thunder clap” leaves his room and head up quickly. Meave “Banshee Cry” kisses Tommy goodbye running off to the meeting. And shepards the wicked a Silver Fang lupus is waiting in the meeting room.

Mouse Pad makes the announcement that the Section 7 office that is still pretty new has run into some trouble with a * My Fallout cab @ the disco* concert ( Cedric “Thunder clap” & Silent Strike give each other a worried look). Apparently a bunch of Garou frenzyed at the concert and there are a lot of humans trapped inside. there are unconfirmed reports that all of the band is dead except one Aiko Tenoh (or Tenoh, Aiko). Mouse Pad asks them to go and help them out. She says she wants them to get going soon but they have a couple of minuets to get supplies.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” and Silent Strike both go to the forge in the basement where “Micky” gives them some silver bullets and arrows. Rittimer also checks the Section 7 files on My fallout cab @ the disco finding out its a very popular indie/emo band and that Tenoh, Aiko is the drummer and the only girl. He also finds from google that Aiko is the most popular member of the band and she came over from Japan shortly before the band started [2008]. Rittimer then goes to Glasswalker-net to see if there is any further information there.

He runs into a couple posts about how a lot of strange things seem to happen around concerts. He looks to see if any of his fellow tribe members who filed a report are online only finding one, “bad for business” a ragabash cliath from Texas. He reports that they have seen a large number of leeches seem to show an interest in the band. B.F.B. also reports that none of the bad seemed wyrm tainted but there was something ‘strange’ about Aiko. Rittimer also finds that the band that opened for them that night is called “Within Nightfall” which is a very low key rock band that’s only played a couple of concerts.

The group takes a Moon Bridge to the Iowa office where they are greeted warmly by “Starbucks” who takes them to the helicopter waiting for them. shepards the wicked being a lupus tries to convince the rest of the group not to go by the fearful Weaver-bird but is tricked onto it.

After arriving at an outdoor theater that was made in a ditch. They find that Zell the leader of the Iowa office was the first on the scene. He admits he doesn’t know what happened but his daughter was at the concert and he wants her extracted but has had his beta use a Black Fury gift to keep everyone inside so not to rend the veil.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” uses a gift to look inside the closed off area seeing that the daughter is inside being protected by a young Africa American women in her 20s who is also protecting some others. He also sees a lot of crinos formed Garou continued in frenzy and lots of humans trapped running around.

Zell drops the ward as the team heads in. Silent Strike decides to use blur and fly over the crowd to get a better look. Meave “Banshee Cry” decides to stay outside and heal anyone who comes out. Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” finds a good snipping point and sets up.

Cedric “Thunder clap” & shepards the wicked decide to head into the fray to see if they can find the cause of the trouble. Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Mel “Brews the Spirits” make a point to get humans out the exits.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace saves a young girl who seemed to be looking around lost and a couple of panicking humans. Mel “Brews the Spirits” guides out a man in his early thirties out who seemed to be trying to knock out a crinos along with somemore panicked humans.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” snipes a couple Garou who were all going after a 60 year old women who had in toe a bunch of girl-scouts.

shepards the wicked draws some of the attention of some Garou away from some of the Garou who were chasing some fleeing humans knocking the Garou out.

Cedric “Thunder clap” notices that none of the Garou are within 20 feet of the 20 year old women who is protecting the children and decides to direct others out.

Silent Strike gets insight of the stage and notices all the band members are dead except Aiko who is being held by four women while a fifth women stands singing on stage. Silent Strike senses the women [Members of Within Nightfall] are extremely tainted and instructs the rest of the group to go after them.

Silent Strike, Cedric “Thunder clap” and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” focus all their attention on killing the women singing seems to have some control over the crowd.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace and Mel “Brews the Spirits” finally get to 20 feet of the women protecting a group when shepards the wicked draws the frenzying Garou’s attention again. The women pleads, “Leave us alone, please!” Deanna response, “We’re here to help. Don’t be afraid.” The women seems to relax as Mel and Deanna help her get out of the hall.

After Rittimer kills the women singing (who dusts) another gets off of Aiko to start singing but is killed by Cedric. Aiko suddenly changes shape turning into a Kitsune going into a type of frenzy as she rips apart another women. Silent Strike kills the other two as Cedric picks up the past out Aiko.

After all the Garou who where frenzying pass out the group leaves the theater glad to be done with this mission. There is a short discussion of the team trying to convince shepards the wicked back onto the helicopter before he relents.

As the group flies closer to where the Iowa office should be they notice what looks like a lot of smoke and fire. As they get closer they see the office has explodes leaving bodies scattered and debris all over but what was the center of the building. As the helicopter flies closer they notice that seemingly written in flames it the message: YOU’VE TAKEN FROM ME NOW I’LL TAKE FROM YOU.

Mouse Pad saves Cedric
This is completelly OOC to everyone who wasn't there.

Mouse Pad appears on the Umbral side. She seems to reach into Cedric “Thunder clap”’s mind and free him of the Bane. The Bane’s shape changes from Athena to Grandfather thunder then to an odd mix of a great deal of things( A Scanner Darkly has a good example, watch the trailer to see what I mean).

Mouse Pad then uses an Elder Bone Gnawers gift [infest] to take on the bane. As soon as it looks like the Bane is about to die Mouse Pad uses an Elder Galliard gift making it so the Bane can never come back again.


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