House Rules

The House Rules

1. Don’t be a jerk

2. No source book NPC plot hooks as PCs [ie no skin-dancers, white-howlers, Hakken, Croatan or Silver Fang/Wendigo mixes ]

3. Trench coats don’t hide as much as you think [its a bonus not auto success]

4. This is a low level campaign

5. Please make this a PVE not PVP

6. 10 flaw limit unless back story given

7. Unless a back story is given you have no memory or knowledge outside of what’s happened in game.

8. XP will be given for back story or fun side scenes of character interactions.

9. Drama points are given over role play and can be used to add successes, increase coolness of action, or act as a skill you lack for 1 scene

10. Plot cards will be given out at random they will have either personal back story plot, clues for current plot or random plot for your character.

11. The apocalypse will have a chance to start at some point, it can be avoided through role play but it is out there.


House Rules

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