Section 7 Office Locations

* Vancouver, Canada

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

Boss: Mouse Pad

Second: Songs of Sorrow

  • Des Moines, Iowa

Juno ,Alaska

Boss: Ice Heart [Wendigo ]

Second: “Hidden compromise” [Uktena]

  • New York, New York

Boss: Pandora’s Tears[Black Fury Ragabash Athro]

Second: Rust Rat [B.G. Ahroun]

  • L.A., California

Boss: Eclair “Purifying Flame” [C.O.G. Theurge]

Second: “One Shot” [Glass Walker Philodox]

  • Miami, Florida

Boss: Zoe “Doesn’t ask Twice” Shadow Lord Elder

Second: “Wings of swift glory” Silver Fang Athro Lupus

  • Austin, Texas

Boss: “Pocket full of Sun” [Mokole]

Second: Song Hunter [Get Galliard]

  • London, England

Boss: “Danger Mouse” [Ratkin]

Second: “Clears the registers” [B.G. Ahroun]

  • Dublin, Ireland

Boss: Pridwyn [Corax]

Second: Scout-with-a-broken-nose [Fianna Ragabash]

  • Paris, France
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Brasília, Brazil
  • Mexico city, Mexico
  • Berlin, German
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Seoul, South Korea


Section 7 Office Locations

Section 7 Section7