Section 7

Body count keeps rising

Kinfolk keep being murdered

Mouse Pad calls a meeting with Tosh “Blue Screen”. She introduces her to the rest of the group that will be joining her Cedric “Thunder clap”, Silent Strike with Andrea Walker a kinfolk. Mouse Pad also assigns Thomas Smith ‘Tommy’ to work with them.

Tosh “Blue Screen” takes the new pack down stairs to where the body of the Black Fury [I] kinfolk was being kept. After arriving downstairs the group find two more bodies. A Bone Gnawer [III] and a Ratkin [IV]. Silent Strike asks if any other bodies have come in which it is revealed that they haven’t found it. There is a short discussion on why the number skipped before Andrea Walker points out that it might be a Black Spiral dancer.

Cedric “Thunder clap” hears someone crying and decides to investigate finding it to be the ghost of the young Black Fury kinfolk. She says her name is Tessa and she’s 16. Cedric tries to get some information on the murder but Tessa refuses to think about it. All she says is she was stabbed. She asks him why she had to die, why it had to be her when she had so much more she wanted to do with her life. She also reveals she was in love. Cedric admits he doesn’t know why this happened to her but promises to find out what happened.

Silent Strike suggests that they go to the scenes of the crime to figure out what information they can find out. At 1st Ave club they get access to the video footage from the My fallout cab @ the disco concert where they see Tessa with a very tall women with bright pink hair most of the night. But when the women leaves to use the toilet someone in a dark hoodie leads Tessa out of the club where they assume she was murdered. Cedric “Thunder clap” goes into the umbra to try and get information but the pattern spiders refuse to be of any help. On the real-side Silent Strike makes Tommy go into the dumpster to see if he can find any evidence. After 20 minuets he find a cellphone.

Meanwhile at the next scene of the murders is found to be the Thunderbird hotel in Bloomington were there is an Anime con going on. Tosh “Blue Screen” distracts the Police while Andrea Walker sneaks into the hotel room using the kin gift “Echos” to find out the Ratkin kinfolk had let the B.G. kin ion to get a free meal before they were attacked [one broken neck the other beaten to death with a phone].

The pack meet back up to try and figure out where the next body would end up. Cedric tries to get some help from the spirits. Tosh and Andrea use their contacts to find a lead, a man was found hung in Fort sneilling park. With their combined influences Andrea and Tosh get the police to back off so Section seven can get the first look. the group makes Tommy carry their gear down to the site of the hanging BSD Kinfolk [II] then send him off to get them coffee and doughnuts.

Cedric “Thunder clap” gets a little help from the tree spirit the BSD kinfolk was hanged on revealing that something was fallowing whatever was happening in the real world. Tosh “Blue Screen” & Silent Strike collect some evidence. Andrea Walker talks to a rabbit who gives a rough description of the murdering matching the same as the person on the video.

Andrea Walker makes a call to Mouse Pad letting her know what they’ve found out. Mouse Pad asks they go contact the Black fury sept “Artemis’ Bow” in Farmington since they haven’t been able to get any contact with them thus far to let them know about Tessa’s death. Andrea asks Tommy to order and pay for a Pizza when he arrives with the coffee and snacks to be delivered to the Black Fury sept.

When the pack arrives at the sept Andrea sticks his foot in his mouth with his “Btw, Tessa, that kinfolk chick is totally dead. Kthanks.” Tosh “Blue Screen” suggests Tommy stay and watch the cars as the rest enter the sept. Cedric “Thunder clap” takes the responsibility for Andrea’s behavior even though Silent Strike is the Alpha which they accept. Cedric stays and explains what happened to Tessa to the Elders of the sept as the rest sneak off to check out her room.

In her room Silent Strike finds a couple gray hound bus tickets hidden under the floor boards. Tosh “Blue Screen” finds an odd post card. And Andrea Walker hacks her computer and finds her Livejournal. After reading through he find she was in a ‘super secret’ relationship with a Get kinfolk named Eric. He also finds a message mentioning the post card and how their were at least one kin of each tribe there and he figures who will be the next victim will be a C.O.G. kin named Alice. He contacts her over Instant messaging pretending to be Tessa asking her to meet her at a close by Denny’s.

Andrea Walker also noticed Tommy’s name in the list of kinfolk who got the post card but keeps it to himself for the time.

Echos of the past is introduced to Silent Strike as the person who had been with Tessa at the concert. Echos admits she thought Tessa had run off with Eric. She begs to come along so that she can regain her honor for losing Tessa in the first place. The group agrees and they head out to the Denny’s.

Once at the Denny’s Silent Strike orders Tommy to go inside and wait for the kinfolk to show up. Tosh “Blue Screen” and Andrea Walker wait in the alley near the back door. Silent Strike and Echos of the past wait out front. And Cedric “Thunder clap” waits in the Umbra.

Alice the C.O.G. kinfolk shows up but she brings Ross [The Fianna kinfolk] and Eric [Tessa’s love and the Get kinfolk on the list]. Tommy is slightly panicked but he is told to stay put. Silent Strike goes into the Denny’s to get a better look around leaving Echos alone out front.

Meanwhile in the umbra Cedric “Thunder clap” sees a Lune spirit appear out of nowhere along with a spirit that’s shape keeps changing. Cedric senses that it is wyrm tainted and goes after it before being kidnapped along with Echos.

As Tosh “Blue Screen” and Andrea Walker are in the Alley a hoddied person appears around the same time as the spirit. Tosh and Andrea open fire on the person only to notice that they seem to move too fast to be hit by bullets. Tosh makes the choice to grab one of the explosives out of her bag and drop it on the ground at the person’s feet yelling at Andrea “RUN MOTHERF*CKERS!”.

Silent Strike and Tommy try to get as many people out of the Denny’s before Tosh’s plan goes into motion. Tosh pushes the “Panic” button on her phone. As Tosh tries to sidestep she notices the rating has been drastically increased so she can’t sidestep. Andrea runs with all his speed to get out of the Alley as the bomb goes off also lighting up the rest of Tosh “Blue Screen”’s explosives killing both her and the person. The Denny’s explodes in fiery glory.



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