Section 7

Figured you out

Torture and Vancouver

Silent Strike and Oni Marked leave the group in the woods explaining they are going to do Silent’s Adren challenge.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Jafari “Pale-Horse”, and Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” spend the night camping in the woods.

Wyld’s Grace reveals to the group her findings about the findings of the journal to the rest of the group.

[Meanwhile Mel “Brews the Spirits”, Meave “Banshee Cry”, Silent Strike, and Oni Marked get tortured.]

In the morning Mel is cut out of pack-link for an hour, then Meave and so on. Mel then asks for location. Suddenly a moon bridge will walk out Mel, Meave, April and Frost of Falcon’s pack. His pack has 5 memebers [Get Philidox, Black Fury Ahroun, Silent Strider Theurge, Shadow Lord Ragabash]. Mel looks straight faced near Frost.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” hides in Blur.

Frost steps forward and announces himself and his pack. He announces he is investigating the Minnesota office for being corrupt and Mouse Pad is reassigned. He says he needs to speak with all of them individually.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace volunteers to go firsts and is lead through a door way that had just appeared. Deanna is tortured by the pack and April.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” tells the group that she had gone to Mouse Pad that Fostern challenge. That the group thinks that A Team has destroyed all of the Section 7 offices.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” is taken next to be tortured through the spirit door. Mel and Deanna have an argument about if the group had fracked up over the destruction of the Vancouver office.

Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades” is taken last though the spirit door to be tortured.

Frost of Falcon walks through first then Rita is walked through. Falcon thanks the team for their cooperation and leaves.

Rita reveals that Hel’s Message [The Get Philidox] apologizes for the torment they had to go through. Rita says she thinks that April is controlling Frost of Falcon.

Meave “Banshee Cry” worries about Thomas Smith’s safety. Deanna Wyld’s Grace worries about her husband and child, She calls her Husband to ask him to go to safety. Peter reveals he’s been moved to a safe house by a Silent Strider. When Rita calls Walter he reveals the same information.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” is still pissed about the torture. Jafari “Pale-Horse” decides to run back to the Minnesota office to check on the cubs he brought back to the office earlier.

S.O.S. arrives at the camp telling the group she’s moved everyone she could to a safe house. S.O.S. tells the group she’s in charge of the Minnesota office. S.O.S. tosses the group each a fetish that will hide them from being seen [Blur but is hot!].

Rita glomps S.O.S. over the fetish. S.O.S. explains that M.P. took most of the blame for what happened and that S.O.S. will try to figure out where M.P. went. Rita is handed a note from Mouse Pad that asks Rita to go and collect her son from a sept in Canada. Also Gives Rita a fetish gun from Mouse Pad.

Jafari “Pale-Horse” arrives at the office and finds that all the cubs are still alive and were not found. “Micky” hide the cubs himself. They are also planning on giving the cub a Monkey Puzzle.

S.O.S. gives Rita “the rite of the questing stone”. Rita tries to do rite of the question stone on Mouse Pad but it doesn’t work. S.O.S. Offers to give the team any thing that they need to finish their mission.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” decides not to go along with the mission into Vancouver.

When Jafari returns and S.O.S. leaves. The team goes to where the first “trail marker” which is behind a Head shop called “Redrum”. Jafari goes inside to buy some weed and a new bowl. The rest of the pack waits outside muttering about whether or not it was wyrm-y. Larry, the dealer, sells Jafari some weed.

Deanna Wyld’s Grace, Rittimer “Juggles Frag Grenades”, and Meave “Banshee Cry” go to the back of the shop to see the Tag of an Owl glyph going through the looking glass. They all side step into the umbra to look for the next step.

Jafari and Fox smoke a little weed. On the other side where they see a web of direction leading them to the next clue. The next clue is in the middle of downtown. As they head across town they see the Vancouver office as it is now destroyed beyond recognition even in the umbra. Rita peaks and there is another message in the remains “YOU TOOK ME PIECE BY PIECE, NOW I’LL TAKE YOU A PIECE AT A TIME.”

The group continues on. They notice as they get closer to the middle of the city there isn’t as many spirits as before.



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