Section 7

First Day

Not every job is easy

Four Garou are hired to Section seven right off their rite of passage. Speaks through tongues a Stargazer, Mel “Brews the Spirits”, Tosh “Blue Screen” a GlassWalker, and Truth in the Morning a Shadow Lord. The groups first mission is to investigate a Kinfolk murders.

They found a Black Fury kinfolk girl killed at first Ave club in downtown dumped in a dumpster behind the building. They brought the body back to the morgue where they found a roman number carved into her thigh “I”. The group discovered that a similar case where 14 Garou kinfolk plus a Ratkin kinfolk were killed 20 years ago [1990]in California each with a roman numeral carved into their body. Speaks through tongues and Truth of Morning decided they would try to investigate what had happened in the 1990 case.

Tosh “Blue Screen” and Mel “Brews the Spirits” stay at the Section 7 headquarters. Tosh used some of her contacts to see if any other kinfolk had been killed recently. Unfortunately All Tosh found out was that both Speaks through tongues and Truth in the Morning had been killed.

Mel “Brews the Spirits” left to take sometime to come to terms with what had happened while Tosh “Blue Screen” decided to join the next team that would be heading the investigation.



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