Section 7

Section 7: the prelude

campaign brief

Section 7 was started in 1988 by the individual known only as S.O.R. S.O.R. was a visionary for coming up with the idea of a company that would unite the Garou and some of the other Fera who would be willing to work with Gaia’s warriors to combat the wyrm in the weaver’s playground. It would also do some more extreme monkey wrenching with Pentex acting as a competitor company. It started off as one office in Vancouver and has expanded from there. Most of its first recruits were Ronin and those Fera whose ideals were considered extreme. As Section 7’s influence grew they could expand to recruitment of Garou and Fera who were more main stream.

S.O.R. keeps their identity secret and only communicates through computer and coded cellphone calls with a computer generated voice. His second in command is a Silver Fang named Falcon’s Frost who is well known for his restrictive need to fallow protocol.



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